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So while I am preparing for our next visitor to arrive, I have decided to share some photos from when I went and visited one of my bestttt friends in Germany and family in Ireland :) Yay for traveling! Yay for friends!  Yay for family!!!

To be honest, I was not sure how much I was going to like Germany. I always related Germany to a foggy green land full of people who stared at you.  I was wrong.  I LOVE IT!  I LOVE it so much I am going back next year and the next and the next....well actually I am not, but I will return one more time :)

Old School Photo of Allen and I
So this is Allen.  We have been best friends since.....since high school!  Currently he just plays all day and happens to live in Germany.  He continually tries to convince me he actually works for the Army and flies helicopters blah blah blah - but I will not have any of that!  He has too much fun :)  His life is amazingly sweet - I tell him he lives in Pleasantville!  (But really, thanks for your service Allen).

Here are some photos from our trip. This is when I FIRST got my new camera (please be kind) - and was trying to remember how to work it.  (And made Allen stay inside for 4 hours as we tried to figure out how to work it...whoops and THANKS!)

So Precious! 

Do you see the little lady looking out the window?

This was  my first Snowman of the Year  - Sam the Snowman

Go Back!  Don't SKIP This Photo!  This is...yes, an actual real life CHIMNEY SWEEP!

This was not regular beer - this was the POPE'S BEER! He gets it shipped to the Vatican. 

So I obviously have over a 100 more photos, and even ONE of those is captured in Austria as we skipped around the land for a whole 5 minutes, but I believe you get the idea of Germany - wonderful.

As for Allen - I believe he is already asleep in Germany, so I did not have the opportunity to interview him now and ask him a few obnoxious questions for the blog.  But maybe later....

<3 Shay

P.S -  And just wanted to mention I am so thankful for friendships around the world!


rachie k. :

I think I need to go to Germany. And recreate lots of fairy tales. you will most certainly be cast as Gretl, for obvious reasons (aka your love of all things sugar).

Thomas :

The pictures look great! I think I have that exact picture of the horses coming from down from Neuschwanstein from when I was there haha. I don't know where Allen lives but it looks awesome, I may need to trek over there from Austria!

Kristina :

Sheila, I know you wrote this post almost a year ago but I just had to comment. I just came over to your blog from Today's Letters and stumbled over your post about Germany. Since I am German I felt obliged to read it. And loved it :) Your pictures show how beautiful the country is and I am really happy you enjoyed your time here! Come back soon ;-)

Sheila @ The FailteHouse :

Hi Kristina!

Thank you so much for the sweet comment and for stopping by! I absolutely love Germany and am hoping to go back again this year - while my friend still lives there! You will have to give me some tips on where to visit and beautiful places for photos!!

Kristina :

Sheila-Just let me know whenever you need some travel tips and I'll be happy to help!

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