I Will Miss You So

Dear Beloved
You are wonderful
and I cannot find one fault in you.
We have spent many years together
with such great memories.
Remember Easter, Halloween, Christmas and all those care packages? 
 I have been told, however,
you are not good for me.
I have had an intervention
and we must say our goodbyes.
I will MISS you!

They say the first stage in getting over an 
addiction is stating out loud ......you have one.
I LOVE candy.  
Who doesn't?
 But maybe too much....
Please see our secret candy stash below.
(I am still proud of you candy stash)

The secret drawer in the cleaning closet is 2' by 1' - whoops ;)
But after Luisana from 
The Fit Cook
kindly told me I need to stop being 
"Skinny Fat"
and explained I need to be careful about my health....
I decided to try and be ummm

To check out her amazing blog and delicious healthy recipes click here

Luisana explained the first step to changing my eating habits
(Candy for breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack, dessert, bedtime snack)
Is to stop eating CANDY
and start my day with a healthy breakfast!

And because Luisana is SOOO amazing
she is helping to guide me into healthy eating habits :)
(Thanks Luisana)

How you ask?
She actually made and BROUGHT a 
delicious healthy breakfast of oatmeal, cinnamon and apple to work for me!
(SOOO kind)

Addictions are hard to break - so I will keep you up to date on the progress :)

~ Dear friends and family who send packages of candy,
I love you dearly.  
However, Lusianan believes my addiction needs
to be brought under control.
Pleas mail all candy to Jessie Tappel and she can hide it in a 
safe place from Luisana.
Luisana don't read this.
I mean....
Can you send me apple slices ~

Practicing How to Say No to Candy in front of Luisana :)

<3 Shay

P.S. Candy, I already miss you so much.
P.S.S Some healthy treats coming tomorrow.
P.S.S.S. I am very THANKFUL for friends who care so much about you that they want you to be healthy :)


rachie k. :

what a sad, sad day. i think you just need a candy cleanse. once you start eating real food you can slowly incorporate small amounts of sugary goodness into your diet.

what's a sheila without a reeses?!?

Shay :

Rachie - I like how you think. I will heed your advice and go through a small cleanse. Do you want to be my CA (Candy Anonymous) Support system?

Thomas :

I agree with Rachel, a very sad day indeed. It's hard to even fathom Sheila without candy. Such a shame because I was just getting ready to ship 20 lbs of Reese' PB cups to KB....oh well. Good luck, you can do it!

rachie k. :

I'll totally be your sponsor. I'll also totally call you back tomorrow. :)

Sad news is... I literally did have a sugary care package ready to go... Don was going to mail it today. I had to call him and tell him not to!

Shay :

Thanks for being my Sponsor Rachie!

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