I must tell you something.
I gave in.
It was hard being separated for so long.
It was their fault, I do believe....
They were taunting me everywhere.
Just popping up.
What was I supposed to do when
a kind person offered me...

Or when it sneaks into my work-bag?
Or finds it way into the fridge?

Ok - I have a stomach ache now....

I will try again tomorrow.
I am re-starting my Candy Addiction Tone Down! 
[I suppose that is WHY it is called an addiction]

Phase 2: Begins NOW

Once again Dear Candy - we must separate :(
I will once again begin practice saying,
"Yes please No thank you. I will not accept that extremely delicious, 
not to mention free piece (or bag) of candy
you are so generously offering me." [tear]

TAKE #2!

<3 Shay

P.S. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the sunshine!!!!


Thomas :

The candy has it out for you, clearly :p

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