Visitors are amazing.
 It can be difficult at times, because I tend to worry they are not
having fun or are bored for a split second. But it all works out when I suggest,
"Hey, let's go to the beach yo." But what a wonderful experience to get to spend one-on-one time
 with so many different people. I always enjoy the first day of saying hello and catching-up on 
everything they are doing. But I LOVE the next day when we get 
to talk about them and what is really going on in their life.
What is making them smile lately. What is on their heart.
What do they need
 prayers for. God is good.
And family
are little
 to keep us 
all going
 in life.
They remind
 us to be thankful
and smile :)

<3 Shay

P.S. Tappel Takeover will be posted shortly.
P.P.S I tried to make this look like a TREE.  Did it work?  I just had the urge :)


Nikeah Forde :

Im thoroughly enjoying your tree Poops...
Miss ya face xx

Shay :

Yesssss! I knew you would see the tree:) Miss you!

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