A Taste of Lancaster County

Claire: "Sheila, I am so upset - the corn's tall."
Sheila: "Oh no!  I almost forgot..."
Claire: "Yeah, summer is almost over."
This was how Claire welcomed me back to Lancaster county.....
Discussions of how we relate summer to the height of the corn.
The taller it gets....the closer it is to the first day of "school."

Other little things I miss....
Watching fireflies flicker by my face
wearing jackets at night...because it gets chilly in the north
sitting around the table on our patio with twinkly lights 
and enjoying family/neighbor time and a BBQ meal.
I miss walking through the the wooded path to our neighbors to say hi
and steal some M&M's.
Always having family at your fingertips
and a little cousin to hold.

Though I miss all these beautiful things,
it is a blessing in disguise.
For living far away from many things I love,
has taught me to cherish them more.
To savor them more.
And to remember to live in the present....
and that their will always be something to miss,
but we must focus and be grateful on what we have
and are doing now!

We must choose
to find
each day.
COME ON.....
Don't go yet....
I want to share some photos :)

While home I tried capturing as many frozen memories as possible.
I wanted to see everyone.
Capture everything.
Until my next visit...at Christmas. 

One of my little adventures at home was visiting my friend Clint.
I have been beggginnnnnggggggg him for sweet corn
for about 3 years now.  But every year something happens and 
the corn is cut down before I get some....

I got some.
OK, maybe I only got one quick bit before I 
passed the bag of corn to my mom-mom who was having visitors....
but still I WIN - I finally had some Roher sweet corn :)

Here is a little taste of Lancaster County - my home :)

Hi Clint

I hope you enjoyed the little tour of home :)

<3 Shay

P.S. More home pictures coming soon with little babies!


Tucker :

That is sooo much fun! looove picking corn - did a lot of that when i lived in mississippi as a kiddo.

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