Dream Awake with Itzhak Perlman

If you work toward it, 
you can make it happen...
Have you heard of Itzhak Perlman?
He had a dream of playing the violin beautifully.  Now he does.  
But he did not just wish and dream, he dedicated his entire life to perfecting his talent.

There is a story being passed around about Perlman.
He sticks to a strict schedule. Every morning he wakes up at 5:15 am, practices the violin for 4.5 hours, prays and has an afternoon rest.  He then begins his afternoon session and plays for another 4.5 hours. 
This is his schedule everyday except when he is performing on stage.
Via: Wikapedia
One day - after another of his sold out concerts with ticket prices so high, I would half to dedicate my entire pay check to buy a nose bleed seat - a man came towards him.

The man looked at Perlman holding his violin with admiration and then showered him with words of affirmation.
Perlman smiled and said, "Thank you."

The man continued, "I have always loved the violin and have watched many great violinist play, but none have played like you! You know Mr. Perlman, I would give my whole life to be able to play the violin like you did tonight”.

Perlman smiled once more and said,
”I have”

<3 Shay
P.S. It kinda makes you think doesn't.  The people who are living their dreams and reaching their goals got there on a pathway of purpose.
You can do it too!
P.P.S. Who is one person you can look toward for inspiration? How did they get where they are?


Anna :

Thanks for posting that - it was really inspiring.

Anna x


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