Dream Awake with Luisana Suegart of The Fit Cook

Hello again Dreamers!
This past week I heard from amazing people who are ACTING on their DREAMS. Thank you so much for sharing and I am very proud of you all!  You inspire me. 
Dream. Act. Dream. Act.

I am inviting you all to dinner with the most amazing cook.  What is her secret? She know how to make any dish easy, and most importantly healthy.  She set the table so beautifully for us, only trick....it's a virtual dinner party ;) 

Who is our talented host and cook?
Luisana Suegart
 What inspired you to start a cooking blog?
 I took up cooking during college when I made the decision to live healthier. Part of that meant preparing my own meals at home. I like to say that I fell in love with food all over again through that process – the ingredients I began using were bright and fresh, and the food was working in my favor because I finally felt good about myself. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself so I started the blog wanting to share what I have learned with my family and friends and anyone else who stumbles upon it. I think anyone can cook and can be healthier for it – all it takes is a few easy ideas!

2. Where do you find your inspiration?
Everywhere! Most of the time I see a beautiful ingredient – could be a big, bright yellow bell pepper or a bunch of oversized, luscious basil leaves – and I start thinking of what I can make with it, without overwhelming the natural flavor or freshness of the ingredient with too many other things. It could also be at a restaurant where I try something delicious that I want to recreate at home, or a dish that my mom used to make when I was growing up – always giving it a healthy makeover, of course. I also like to challenge myself to come up with exquisite recipes out of the fewest ingredients possible.

3. Do you have a favorite ingredient that spices up many of your dishes?
Curry powder or curry paste! I use it ALL the time in chicken dishes, soups and stews, and even veggie burgers. And it happens to go great with my other favorite ingredient, fresh cilantro..and I also love fresh oregano.. and hominy because it gives dishes such an authentic flavor. Sorry, I can’t pick just one … but that’s the awesome thing about food, I don’t have to ;)

4. Who do you hope to inspire through your cooking website?
 Anyone and everyone who loves to eat – and I think that’s everyone. But mainly, if I can inspire someone to grab a few fresh ingredients and make their own yummy, healthy dinner instead of reaching for a take-out menu, then my is mission accomplished!

5. Do you have any dreams you are still working to achieve?
 Oh, yes! I want to reach millions around the world with my recipes, whether on TV, through a cookbook, or by growing my blog – hopefully it’s all three ;)

6. Do you have any words of encouragement for others who have a beautiful dream, but don't know where to start. Or are too scared?
Start anywhere… but start! Even if it’s not perfect, your first step will lead you to the next, and so on. And then do something every day that will take you closer to your goal, no matter how big or how small. I had the idea to create a blog for a year before I posted my first recipe, and it finally happened when someone on Facebook asked about a banana nut bread recipe – in less than 15 minutes I posted the recipe and shared it. The blog wasn’t as pretty as I wanted, but I knew the recipe was perfect. That was the first step. You have to own your dream and stand up for what you love and what you know you can do. Whoever you look up to – an actor, singer, politician, designer – was once exactly where you are now. Why not you?

Luisana, thank you so much for sharing!
If one of your dreams is to get healthy this year or even learn to cook,
 check out her blog, The Fit Cook and read her inspiring story.  I am not just saying that, it really is inspiring :) This is a girl who knows how to make her dreams a reality, and she continually inspires me everyday.

<3 Shay

P.S. Where can you start today?  Not tomorrow, not in a week, but today...  What is one tiny step you can take that will get you that much closer to your dream/goal?


Anonymous :

Wonderful article - delicious looking foods - - yummmmmmm!

Anonymous :

Not that special....

Anna Gunn :

Thats rude. I find Luisana to be inspiring. I have made a couple of her recipes such as the Eggplant Parm (for a crowd of men helping my husband build our deck). They loved it and didn't mind it was meatless!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Hi Anna Gunn! Thanks for stopping by and I love all of her recipes too! Luckily I can stop over and eat her food whenever :)

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