Thankful Thursday!

Nope, I didn't forget about Thankful Thursdays....
I just got so excited about DREAM AWAKE in August, I wanted to post about it every single day!!

(I can't find where this photo came from, but it was off of Pinterest)

So this little Thursday
I am so thankful for everyone who took the time to participate in the month of Dream Awake.
[Don't worry, it is not over yet]
I thought these posts would help inspire others,
but they are helping inspire me....awesome, and thanks!

I am also thankful for all the amazing interviewees, who had and still have big wonderful dreams...I look up to you all!
And everyones encouraging comments, especially those who said they are taking baby steps and trying to make their dreams, reality!

So, today I am thankful for all of you and I am so so so proud of you!

(Oh yes, I am also thankful for Pinterest, because it is the most wonderful thing since the invention of Recess Pieces. Amen)

<3 Shay

P.S What are you thankful for?  Think about it.
P.P.S More amazing dream makers coming soon!


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