Dream Awake with Dr. Celeste Gagnier

Have you ever met someone who was just full of life and energy?
That just being around them made you feel like a better person?

Well let me introduce you to Dr. Celeste :) 
One of the most talented, driven and kindest girls I know!
(Glenn, you are equally as awesome too)
So, I asked Celeste to share a bit about her decision and journey into entering the medical field.
We all know this is a hard road, but a beautiful and fulfilling dream many have.

Let's DREAM AWAKE with Celeste!

{This will be a two part series}

1. I know you are super amazing with people, did you always want to help people via the medical field?
 My dad is an internist in private practice, and growing up I constantly saw him interact with his patients- not at work, but when he would run into them at the grocery store, restaurants, our town's carnival, etc. I never gave it much thought at the time, but as I got older I started to realize how amazing it was that his patients loved and respected him both as a doctor and as a person. I think a big reason why I pursed medicine was because of the example my dad set. Plus, I love people and I love science so it just kinda fit. Even though I am just beginning my residency, there have already been multiple instances where I feel like I am really making a difference in other's lives, and that feels really good! I've also had conversations with my patients and their families about things not related to medicine at all (like cool things to do in AZ since I just moved here!). I like the mix of working/helping others with working/meeting new people.

2. How did you make the decision to become a doctor? And did you ever doubt your decision? I know many people believe they are not smart enough or don't have the time etc.I guess I answered this a little in the first question already. Yes, I did doubt my decision- and I'm sure there will be points during residency when I still doubt it. And those times are when I'm super overwhelmed and exhausted, and see other people with normal working hours going out and doing fun things. There were times during medical school where I felt really down, like I was wasting away my life with studying. But I also made it a point to do as much as possible after exams and during breaks, and now when I think back to med school I only remember those fun times! And am also glad that I worked as hard as a did, because it's paying off now. Residency has been good so far, but I just worked 15 days in a row, for 12-14 hours a day- and have done nothing except work and sleep. I know that during these hard rotations there will be times that I wish I had a more normal schedule, but I also know that residency is only 3 years and I can work more normal hours if I chose to afterwards! Plus, I don't mind being at the hospital and everyone I've met is super nice, so it's not that bad! As for people thinking that they're not smart enough to be a doctor- I don't buy that for one second. What you need is a good work ethic and be able to sacrifice your time. If you work hard and study a LOT, you can get through medical school.

3. Your field is very demanding and requires a lot of commitment, what keeps you going? What keeps you chasing your dream to help others?
What keeps me going is the people- that includes my classmates during medical school (it's a lot easier to be working/studying all the time if all of your friends around you are also doing the same), and now my fellow residents who are going through exactly the same thing as me. And that also includes the attending doctors- just hearing one of them say "good job" means more to me than I think they know. It's super encouraging and reassuring. And finally, the patients- in the past few weeks I have brought patient's good news, and helped as much as I could during the bad times, and there are some families that are so genuinely thankful; it makes me feel like I am actually making a difference, and that definitely keeps me going!

4. Who is the one you look to during difficult times, to remind you are on the right path?
 My family and Glenn. My family has always been there for me/supported me in everything, and I can call them crying and it's alright! Also, Glenn and I have gone through this whole process together, and definitely kept each other going during medical school study-marathons. I would have never been able to spend my entire weekends studying as much as I did if we weren't studying together. And it helps that we BOTH have limited free time because it's easier to get through rough times if you have someone else going through the same thing (who understands the intense time commitment). Plus, we REALLY take advantage of our free time and make the most of it!

Isn't she great!?!

2nd half of her interview, coming right up for tomorrow!

<3 Shay

P.S. The other person in the photo is Glen, Celeste's boyfriend, and he also just graduated and is now a Dr. too.  Who hoo!


Kyle :

You do a great job with these. Keep it up.

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