Dream Awake with Dr. Celeste Gagnier - Part Two

I am sure you are excited to read the rest of the interview on Celeste.

So, let's jump right in!
Yup, they love adventures and traveling too!
5. What advice could you offer to people as they try and decide if the medical field is right for them?
 Good question- I would say that the most important thing is that YOU have to be interested in medicine and want to pursue it, because it IS a lot of work and sacrifice, and if you're doing it because someone else wants you to, it will be very difficult. And along those lines- since it is a commitment of your time (and MONEY), make sure that it is something you want to do- try to shadow someone to get a better idea of what your future life will be like, and ask lots of questions! There was such a variety of people in my med school class- one was a lawyer and decided he wanted to be a doctor instead; and many had families already- it just goes to show that you can do medical school at any time in your life, and if it's something you truly want, there really isn't anything that could possibly hold you back.

6. When you are not being just plan amazing, what do you like to do? 
What do I like to do? TRAVEL! See new places, meet new people; bake/eat lots of cookies! I love trying new restaurants, being outside in the sunshine, playing games, and watching my favorite TV shows 

7.  I am not sure if you know this, but when you met my friends, they asked this question. "How is she so content and full of joy for life." How would you have answered them?
Awww!!! How sweet :) I've been blessed to have a wonderful family and amazing friends, and a lot of opportunities available to me in my life. I feel very fortunate and don't take it for granted. Of course there are days where I feel super overwhelmed and stressed out, but I try to remind myself of the things that really matter- so yeah I may be exhausted and staying 3 hours late at work on a Friday night and missing dinner plans with Glenn (this just happened lol), but then I had Saturday off and we spent the whole day together! How you view the world and think about things really affects how you feel about them-well, for me at least. So I try to see the positive in things as much as possible!:)

BONUS QUESTION: Can you briefly tell the world how you managed to travel on a show string? You are one of my inspirations.
Hahaha I loooove traveling! Every long weekend/every school break, I never wanted to lounge/relax/sleep if I could travel! It was super easy when I lived in England because it was easy and cheap to get places. But even when I lived in NYC, we all rented a little ski cabin for the weekend one winter for example, and got out of the city and had an amazing time! Getting a big group of people together helps a lot because you get to split the cost of everything. Now I'll need to start exploring Arizona...and I heard there's a beach in Mexico that's only a 3-4hour drive away from here :)

Oh, this is just us doing dangerous things :)  
I hope you enjoyed reading about Celeste and how she go to where she wanted to be - through dreaming, planning and acting!

<3 Shay

P.S. If you have any questions for Celeste, let me know and I will be sure to pass along her top secret email :)


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