Hi There, What's Your Name?

My real name is not, Shay....Nope. I am not a liar, I truth you!  You see, I started this blog a few months back so my family and close friends could keep track of all the fun adventures. I decided to sign my letters, Love Shay, so it would be more personal for my best friends and so I could stay out of the Google search engine. After a number of quick hot flashes, every time new blogger friends would address me as - Shay - I felt I had to properly introduce myself.  I would like to formally say, I have a real name too!!
My real name is.......
Well actually just "Sheila," without the "Oh." I have decided to start using my birth name on this here blog.
Why? Because, I would like to start introducing the real me. And a great way to start is.... with my real name! Now that I told you mine, what's your name?

Go ahead, introduce yourself and I would love to say, "Hellloo".



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