Dream Awake: Pursuing Your Dream and Embracing Change with Devon from The Mermaid Chronicles!

Today I am beyond excited to share with you a girl who took her dreams and made them a reality.  From the moment I read her blog I was hooked.  She writes about following her dreams, overcoming fears, embracing change, and gratitude. When I read her story here and here about how she decided to let go of fear, open her arms and embrace change - I could only cross my fingers tight enough that she would guest post at The Failtehouse - so she could also inspire all of you!  And don't get me started on her amazing surfing photos!  Let's meet Devon :)
Hi my name is Devon. You can find me over at The Mermaid ChroniclesI write about my life with my new husband, Scott, and our adventures surfing at home in San Diego and around the world. We have no kids and no pets (yet) so our eyes are constantly on the horizon looking for waves and adventures. I also write about the ocean and the way it makes me feel like me.
What did I use to do:
 I used to teach preschool. Which was awesome, but I worked with some people that didn't make me feel free to be myself, which was not awesome.

    What I do now:
     I am a professional free surfer and freelance writer.

      My Dream and how I embraced Change:
       I was born with ADD, the real kind with the medicine, learning challenges and weird looks. As a young child I struggled in school and was generally regarded as a "late bloomer" in academics. My fifth grade teacher was particularly harsh on me and made me feel inadequate. On the last day of fifth grade I went to take my report card from her hand, but she kept a rigid grip on it. Through her teeth she spit the words "Kid, you barely made it." Thankfully I did make it, because in sixth grade I had a life changing experience with a very positive teacher who introduced me to the subject of creative writing. It was the first school subject I not only felt confident about, but felt passionate about. Fast forward 12 years and I am in my own classroom working with two other teachers who happened to be a mother and daughter. Let's just say three was a crowd and I felt like I was back in fifth grade again feeling lost. So I went back to what I knew made me happy and began writing. I love to write about everything, but surfing seems to be the subject I come back to again and again. Since September I have been published in four different surf publications. I continue to work on my blog everyday and do odd jobs on the side to keep the dream alive. I now feel I am on the road to my true purpose. 

          So what did you all think? Inspired?  I sure am!

          I love how she gave up her security and took a bold step toward her dreams. We can't get where we want to go if we don't start walking toward that beautiful dream.  Devon jumped, she took the fear of change and the unknown and embraced it.

          Thanks so much for posting Devon!

          P.S. I  love the first line where she explained what  the best thing you can do for a person is.  Click here to see :)

            What have you given up in order to get closer to dream?  How have you embraced changed?  I would love to hear from you!!!


              Devon @ TheMermaidChronicles :

              Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your blog Sheila!

              Sheila @ The FailteHouse :

              Of course - thank you for taking the time to write it! Loved it!

              Liesl :

              Love Devon, her blog and this post! Such a great feature on your blog, Sheila! :)

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