Dream Awake and Embracing Change with Chris Bilbao - A Man On His Way to becoming an Amazing Doctor

Today we have a little guest post from Chris Bilbao!  Chris is a man with a beautiful heart and passion for helping others. His dream is to become an Oncologic Neurosurgeon and he is more than on his way to making this dream a reality!  But let's not forget, such an amazing dream also comes paired with a number of challenges. 
1. What do you want to be when you grow up ;) And why!
I am currently in training to become a licensed neurosurgeon.  However, there are many specialties within that field, and I think (at least for now) I have made a decision to further subspecialize.  After my 6 years as a resident, I think I want to take on 2 more years learning how to become an Oncologic Neurosurgeon-- fancy term for a tumor specialist.  There is something appealing to me about being able to stand in front of someone and tell them that I will be removing their brain tumor...or that I will be in charge of their radiation.  Tumors are devastating....brain tumors are virtually a death sentence in the mind of the lay person.  What I love is that I give them hope.  Hope may be in the form of complete survival, or as little as a few extra months to live...but it's hope that people look for most in dire situations.  I think that's really cool that I can be the comforting face that gives them that.

Chis and his girlfriend, Mary Sheridan ;)
2. Have you ever been afraid of walking toward a dream because you were afraid of change?
Of course.  Walking towards a dream and having the realization that you might fail at what you've wanted most is definitely a frightening thought.  Change comes with the realization that the world has other plans; that you are not what you once thought you were.  The more time invested in achieving that dream only creates larger and larger moments of heartbreak when that realization isn't met.  It's the risk you take when you want something badly enough.

3. If so, how did you learn to embrace change?
Change is abundant.  It's what creates the ripples of life.  How can you not embrace something that is so beyond your control?  The alternative is that you become miserable and angry at the world for not working according to your plans.  As someone I know said to me once, "You want to make God laugh?  Make plans."  

Check in tomorrow to see how Chris embraces change!  

What did you think of Chris' line?  "Change comes with the realization that the world has other plans; that you are not what you once thought you were...."


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