The Choose Joy Challenge

Sorry for the delay in publishing the updates on The Choose Joy Challenge, but it is finally here!  Now let me introduce you to The Choose Joy Challenge!  

But, first click here to jump on over to Choose Joy button page and read all about it :)

Essentially this "challenge" is a way to keep encouraging others and yourself, to dig deep inside and discover what it is you love, what it is you are good at.  Then once you find that answer, see how you can  use it to bring JOY to others.  And in doing so, you will discover you too are fulfilled and, thus, have chosen J0y right where you are....with what you have.

1st Choose Joy Challenge:

The first Choose Joy Challenge was a mission to create and package, over 40 handmade headbands for the Children's oncology unit.  So with determination to learn how to make beautiful headbands that can fit infant to 21, I set to work.  Then stopped because I was already overwhelmed....   But this is where the beauty of the The FailteHouse guests and friends come into play.  As others learned about The Choose Joy challenged they volunteered to lend a hand.  I felt blessed.  Female and male friends chose to stay indoors (and not lay on a tropical beach) in order to help with the mission.  Some wanted to use their love for crafts to help make young girls feel feminine as they went through chemotherapy.  Others just wanted to partake in the fun.  While still others cut, snipped, bent, twirled, and glued each headband in memory of loved one they lost to cancer.  Each headband became a gift.

When all the headbands were completed and packaged, oh so beautifully, I brought them to the hospital with Marcelita.  As we waited to enter the hospital,  a mother and young girl waited outside in a wheelchair and asked what was in our bag.  My heart skipped a beat (I was nervous) and we told them what we were doing.  The young girl's eyes just looked deep into the mountain of headbands, as I brought out different patterns and let her pick her favorite. She put it on. She smiled. We smiled.  

I was reaffirmed that by using my (sometimes crazy) gifts and passions, I can find a way to bring JOY to others...and so can you!  Remember, we don't have to do something big or be a person of power to make a difference...".Little things with great love," as Mother Teresa once said.  (And please know I am not telling you this story to show you what I did, but rather to encourage, to challenge you to learn to serve others in your own beautifully unique way). 

Some Photos are below and a big big big THANK YOU, to Marcela Nava, Lusiana Suegart, everyone who helped make this project happen!

Hey, so what is one little gift or talent that you have that could help bring JoY to others?  I would love to hear!  Take the Choose Joy Challenge with me....


Liesl :

How delicate and pretty are FUN! :) Love people out there doing things to help others and causes like this one created to spread love and joy! <3

Sheila @ The FailteHouse :

Aww thanks so much Liesl! They were so much fun to make :) Have a great rest of your Tuesday!

Simply Splendid LOVE :

So inspiring Sheila!!! What a great idea. Your headbands are super cute and how special to make them for the children in the hospital. It's all about finding one thing that will make all the difference in another person's life. It's about the little things. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Sheila @ The FailteHouse :

Thanks Anica for your sweet words, it was so much fun to do and to make. Trying to work on the next Choose Joy Challenge idea now. And you are so right, it is all about the little things. The older I get the more I realize that! xo

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