Dream Awake with Anna Liesemeyer from IHOD

Today we have a very special guest blogger, Anna Liesemeyer! She is the beautiful graphic designer over at In Honor of Design- one of the first blogs I ever read, even before I understood what blog meant.  I was shaking with excitement when Anna agreed to guest post.  

Yesterday we talked about Dreaming Awake while learning how to be patient and wait on God's timing.  This can be with anything.  It is easy to get an impatient heart - waiting on that dream job, trying to save for a special trip, figuring out next steps, finishing school, learning a new skill, achieving a goal, making new friends, writing that book you always had twirling around in your head...or even waiting on meeting that special someone.  

Anna so kindly wrote about her story and how she waited on Him for him ;) Enjoy....

Sheila, thank you so much for having me as a guest! God works so personally with each of us, and you are about to see how He can nudge and shove until you can no longer deny the great gifts He wants to give you...
Lucky for me, I had a family who taught me very early that if you are looking for happiness, you don't find it in the amount of friends you have, the boys you date, or the type of clothes you wear. True happiness could only be found in the heart of God. With that in mind, I promised Him that He could have my heart first, and I trusted him to plant it in the right place. I didn't exactly desire marriage. I was miss independent who wanted to avoid the immature boys in high school. I built some pretty good walls with the excuse that I was waiting for just the right person. I was convinced God would show me the right guy when the time came, so until then, guys were just friends. An occasional date, but never a second;)

Lo and Behold, when I was least expecting, and most convinced I wasn't looking, I met the boy. THE boy that would become my Mister. Looking back, I still revel in the fact that God's hand was always there as a guide, even when I wasn't aware of it.  When I met Gabe for the first time, there was a fleeting thought, feeling, moment....whatever you want to call it, that recognized him. It was as if a part of me I didn't know was there suddenly awoke at the sight of him. I know now it was the Holy Spirit, but back then, that fleeting thought had hit the brick barrier wall I had built so high, and didn't have a chance of sinking in.

We became good friends at first, and had some really fun times with our group of college buds. I was so attracted to the way he treated others, his sense of humor, and his rugged good looks;) He was a Rugby player and I was quite the fan! I would find out later he had a thing for me but never got the right feedback when he would  "test the waters." That was me just panicking over these unexpected and uncontrollable feelings that were taking over my life. I was falling head over heels for this wild haired goofball with the heart of gold. 

Meanwhile, Gabe was going through his own battle of the will and heart. He had just placed a bet with a friend earlier in the semester that he would not date anyone that year. It was the last thing on his mind. 

I was about to cost him $50....
I finally got the courage to hammer down a wall or two.....thanks to the Holy Spirit once again. I was praying one night (something we often run from but find the best answers in), and I suddenly was filled with conviction that I needed to let this boy in on the feeling I was desperately trying to fight off for so long. I called him up, we met, and without spilling too much, I basicly let him know, I respected him more than any other guy on campus and I wanted to get to know him more. Calm and collected (he later disclosed that this was the moment he almost picked me up and swung me around), he took it all in and said to me those words that came in a rush of relief..."I would like that too." 

Gabe came by the very next day to ask me to dinner.... the rest you would say is history in the making:)
Two babies and almost four years later, I look at him and see nothing but God's goodness. I don't deserve him. He still makes me laugh harder than anyone I know, SCHOOLS me on unconditional love, and melts me to pieces with so much as a smile my way. I know .... sappy. Ultimately, marriage is a reflection of God's endless love for each of us.

If you have yet to meet your Mister, place him in prayer at the feet of God, and trust that God designed someone just for you. I can testify, that He is THE BEST matchmaker;)

What a beautiful story - you love her, right;)  Her pure faith is inspiring.  Feel free to stop on over at IHOD to get inspired with bright colors, inspiration, and beautiful fashion posts!  

What did you think about her story :)

(*The series will continue next week...just you wait!)


Jennifer Sanzo :

Loved this. So true how God's timing always is perfect. The last thing I was looking for was a boyfriend when I met my husband at a wedding 8 years ago. Yet the day we met he actually said "You'll be laughing about this in 20 years when we're married with three kids." Ha! And here we are married 5 years with two boys...God is good.

Thanks for sharing!


Kristina :

What a wonderful story! I really like your new dreaming awake series and I can't wait to see what else you have in store :)
Happy Tuesday!

Marshall :

Anna, I loved reading this. You said it all so beautifully!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Thanks so much Kristin! I am so excited to share the other guest bloggers next week too :)

I agree, Amanda - a beautiful story!

Simply Splendid LOVE :

What a great story. Anna and her family are too cute!! It's so true that we just need to trust HIM and HE'll lead us in the right way. I finally learned it n=and am so blessed that HE lead me to my husband a few years ago.

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