Bro Letter

Happy Monday!

I received this little random email from my brother yesterday and wanted to post it on here for two reasons.

1. So I can keep it forever.  
2. Because the last line is so awesome I thought anyone looking for a sweet one liner can use this baby on their next catch ;)  

Your some kind of special sheila. and I don't mean like forrest gump special...I mean entirely unique, beautiful, and godly....your the one flavor of ice cream Baskin Robbins doesn't have.

Hahaha -

Do you have any letter's you keep, because you just can't seem to throw them away?


PS. We have an amazing Guest and Vlog this week :)


Cassandra Henri :

Aw thats so sweet! Great line ;)

Kristina :

What a cute brother you have :) Letters (of any sort) are really the best. My best friend, who I've know forever, and I have been writing each other letters since 9th grade. I went to France for 3 months to go to school there and she wrote me a goodbye letter. Ever since then we've been writing each other letters whenever one was going on a trip. I'll probably keep those letters forever because they always remind me of great times and our ever growing friendship :)
Have an amazing week Sheila :)

chocolatebooks :

I wish I was part of your family. Haha! :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Kristina - that is so sweet! I love writing letters too, and there is nothing like receiving one from a great friend!

Have a wonderful week too!

Tara - You are part of the family :) So wish granted and I love you!

Amy Shaughnessy :

That is SO funny and sweet. Love it.


Fashion and Beauty Finds

Sierra :

Haha that is so wonderful!!! I am obsessed with Forrest Gump. Glad he tied that in ;)
Oh, Just Living the Dream

Simply Splendid LOVE :

OMG first of all, you are so beautiful (for sure on the inside, but this pictures is great of you), second, that is the best line ever. You and your brother look so much alike. He's pretty special to write such kinds things about you. Sounds like a sweet relationship. This was so sweet!

Lisamarie :

Oh my goodness! Your brother is so sweet to send you an email like that. And he's a hottie! Some girl is going to be lucky to get him!

I am Megan :

Ah, that is the sweetest thing a brother could say! I know, I also have a brother!

I still have the letters from one of my best friend's from primary school! I can't get it over my heart to throw them away.

Cate :

That really is so sweet of him to say! It is funny how sometimes it is so hard to say how we feel about the people we love most! He expressed it perfectly :)

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