Design: White on White Dream Room

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Design is now constantly on my mind as we prep for an office move.

There is something about white that is calming and promotes simplicity.  Stepping into a space with shades of white, scattered with a touch of rustic and, dare I say, reclaimed wood - just does something to me. [Not  to mention, I would love to try and make this bed].

In undergrad we studied color and how each color stirs a different emotion.  When I worked in an advertising firm in Philadelphia, the team explained how they painted the office based on what emotions they wanted there employees to feel. They wanted their employees motivated and with high energy, but also have areas to think and create.  Check out color communication here and the fun office designs here.

What is that one color you find yourself scattering around your house? 


Simply Splendid LOVE :

I love this white room! It's so clean and looks so comfy. Decorating with the majority of white or neutrals is great because you can add little pops of color. It makes a great blank canvas so you can add anything to it. I love white bedding. That's what I have...all you have to do is wash and bleach and it's like new. I love it! And that wood is amazing. Looks very shabby chic-ish.

Nicholl Vincent :

Looks so cozy yet clean!

Kelley @ Kelley Maria :

Couldn't agree more! I love fresh white combined with rustic wood.

[then there was us] :

Ooh great topic and post. I love this bedroom, I would probably sleep all day ;) I scatter white everywhere, I now have to stop and purchase some color pieces or my whole place will be monochromatic.... But I love it

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