A Taste Of Charleston

 So there you have it.
A few more snaps of the town that makes me swoon.
Maybe it's the cobble stone streets, maybe it's the perfect weather, maybe it's the beautiful beaches, or perhaps it's the sweet tea out of a mason jar, the fried deliciousness, the sun dresses and seersucker suits, the "please" and" thank you" atmosphere, or simply the people.
The people that always have time for a smile, small talk, and to lend a hand.
That could just be it.

P.S. -  My SLR photography skillz were not working the best, as I somehow thought it was a good time to start perfecting the manual setting. Maybe I should have waited... But either way, more photos coming your way soon!

Have you ever been to this glorious town?


Stacey :

My brother moved to Charleston this year and I'm dying to go visit. I've been once before but it was a quick trip and I can't wait to go back. Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing your pics :)

Kristina :

Ah those pictures make me drool all over my macbook :D I really need to start planning a trip to the East Coast!
You must have had a lovely weekend there. Have a great week too :)

Anna H :

Again, these pictures are amazing! So glad you enjoyed one of my favorite places!

Rhiannon :

That church is so gorgeous! Great shots, girlfriend :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Kristin! You def. should plan a trip to the east - so different from both Germany and Colorado - but fun :) I hope you had a wonderful Monday!!

Kristin :

More great pics! I think vacation is the perfect time to give the manual mode a spin :-) Good for you! How I love tea in a mason jar...and sounds like Charleston is such a friendly place! P.S. Thanks for your sweet e-mail :-)

[then there was us] :

Sheila what a beautiful photo story! I love your blog, it's beautiful as well as your photography. New follower.


Kelley @ Kelley Maria :

I want to visit even more now after seeing your photos!

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