Engagement Photos: Tuscan Love

There is something about engagements shoots that I can't get enough of.  It could be two people so happy to be around each other, I can't help but feel a part of their joy.  Or maybe it is the beautiful locations we go to in order to capture their personal story.  Nevertheless, I love them!  I was beyond excited to shoot Monica and Jay's engagement shoot in Tuscany, Italy during an amazing vacation.  The sun was shinning, the breeze was almost none existent that day - but these two were troopers!  Below are a few snaps from the shoot - to see more check them out over here :)

Aren't they just lovely :)


P.S. Don't forget to email me a snap shot of your BMS chart!  I would love to see them!


Kristina :

Amazing! Like I said I'll fly you out to Germany once the time for my engagement/wedding pictures has come around ;-)

Simply Splendid LOVE :

Love these girl! As always. I didn't get around to making my BMS chart. It was just too lazy of a weekend. Ha. I know you've already been nominated for the Liebster Award (and then just recently nominated again). But I wanted to nominate you too because you deserve it. Feel free to participate if you want. Hope you had a wonderful weekend girl! I'll reply to your email tonight hopefully. :)

Katie Cook :

these are so adorable:) you did SUCH a great job! so creative and the lighting is beautiful! love Katie

The Egg :

what a good looking couple!
love them

xo the egg out west.

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Kristina - you know I will be there in a heart beat!

Kristin :

They are!!! Just darling :-)

Liesl :

So, so pretty, and I love the blue dress she chose, what a great color! :)

Liesl :

So, so pretty, and I love the blue dress she chose, what a great color! :)

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