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While I am away on vacation and snapping a few photos of some lovely couples, friends, random things, and unsuspecting strangers around Europe, this fine lady obliged to guest post and introduce our new Series!

Dream Awake: Living in the Now
{A series about pursuing your dreams right where you are! In this very moment. Letting go of past worries, stress about the future, and seeing how you can use your gifts to follow your dreams during this stage of your life.}

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Megan. An adventurous soul hailing from South Africa who is passionate about following her dreams! Love her and her blog! Enjoy...

Hello people at the Welcome House! Firstly, I would like to thank Sheila for inviting me over. I love sharing my passions and dreams with people, partly why I started blogging over at Second Floor Living.
I am an extremely curious being, and I have written on this topic quite a few times, pleading others to never stop being curious. And although my curiosity is sometimes perceived as rude [on top of being curious, I am also extremely impulsive. I'm like a runaway car] it has led me on some great adventures in my life.

To keep up to date with some of my adventures, curiosities and so forth, I have created a bucket list.
And Sheila asked me to share a few of them with you.

A few of my list tick offs has to do with animals.
I am a bit cuckoo when it comes to wildlife and pets. 
I might even confess to love them more than I love humans. 
That is, if you were to inject me with a truth serum.

Living in South Africa has given me a few opportunities to explore my curiosity and wishes.
Like petting a lion.
And playing with leopards.

Another wish of mine, that finally came true, was owning a Staffordshire terrier.
Her name is Mila, and she is the smartest, silliest, loveliest, sweetest little thing that has ever existed.
I love her so much.

I have also gone skydiving.
I believe that I am truly living in the now. But I think I am going to stop here, before I start sounding like one long brag, something I am definitely not. 

If you want to see some of the other things I have ticked off my list, check it out here.

And don't be shy. Come and say hi!

Thanks for sharing Megan :)  
You inspire me and know I am already obsessed with any kind of list!

P.S. - I will be working on the Body.Mind.Soul chart in August and would love for you all to join!
P.P.S. - I won't be signing on to the internet while I am away, so see ya in a week!


I am Megan :

Thanks for having me Sheila! I hope you are still having a fabulous working holiday :)

Lisamarie :

I love Megan. And I love the new series you are starting!

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