Peaceful in Prague {Part 2}

So Prague is beautiful. It reminds me a bit of Germany with it dark stone, architecture, and food. I like it. The locals are not the friendliest downtown, but I am sure it is because they are tired of tourists staring at them.

But we found a secret place where the locals are the friendliest.  If you cross the second bridge, after the Charles Bridge, their are stairs that appear to lead nowhere.  Well they do indeed lead somewhere.  Climb up them, and then you will find more stairs.  Keep climbing and climbing and climbing until you reach the top. There you will find a big clock ticker and a park where artists claimed residence.  There are preppy skaters performing amazing tricks, break dancers who wave hello, locals in love, inviting beer gardens, people in the park who let you slack line with them, picnics and a beautiful taste of what it is like to be a local.  It is in the perfect spot where you can peer over the edge of this hidden park and see the whole city. It is yours for the day - for as long as you want. Then when you had enough, you climb down, down, down the stairs, back across the bridge and into town where you are a tourist again.  And that is when you can be a tourist and order Goulash with a soft pretzel and beer.  DÄ›kuji!!!  

Haha, saw this while walking ;) 
Love locks on the bridge

Famous clock that opens every hour
Some bad iphone photos for you :)


PS.  We will move on to Italy next and meeting up with 10 friends from home!
PPS. Have you ever found a hidden place while traveling?  Where is it?!


Kristina :

Love the quote. It's so true! I've once found a cute little backyard in downtown Berlin. It was hidden by a wall of ivy. I literally stumbled into it because my friend and I were joking around on the street and when she kinda bumped into my I stumbled into the backyard. It was beautiful! There was nothing really behind there except for a couple of benches, some cute flower pots and a lot of doors. But it was definitely magical :)

Denise Lopatka :

Wow. Your pictures are stunning! So glad I found your blog too. Excited to read more. xox

Cortney :

That is so beautiful! So glad I ran across your blog. I can't wait to check more of it out!

Simply Splendid LOVE :

Wow, it looks so beautiful and quaint. I've never been to Europe. I love the jumping picture. So cute! The bridges and architecture looks soooo pretty!

Nicholl Vincent :

you are the greatest jumper, and photographer.

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Kristina - that sounds like an amazing find! Kind like the secret garden! I want to visit Berlin one day too - I hear it is beautiful!

Marshall :

Your travel photos are INCREDIBLE!!!! Love the one of you jumping!

Aspiring Kennedy :

What an amazing place to stumble upon! After being stared at like a tourist for a long time, it's nice to be able to escape to an unknown hole of town and enjoy the true local culture.

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