Thankful Thursday Letters

Dear Gratitude, it is funny how a few weeks without thinking about you makes a big difference. Focusing on blessings is, well, a blessing. Dear Family, I am so excited I get to go home and see you all soon. 8 months was a long time. Thankful for this opportunity! Dear Elise, I can't wait to hold you for the first time and kiss your little forehead. Dear Europe Trip, I don't think I ever had so much fun on vacation. So thankful for amazing friendships that would make "traveling" in my backyard an adventure. Dear fellow bloggers and readers, I love getting to know you all. You inspire me and your encouragement means the world. {just wanted to throw a big "Thank You" out to you all.}

Some awkward photos for your enjoyment :) We were supposed to be jumping...

PS. What are you thankful for this week?
PPS. Any awkward photos from your trips? :)

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Thankful Thursday Letters
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Cassandra :

I'm thankful that I read this and it reminded me to be thankful for everything good :) Gratitude really puts everything into perspective.

Kristina :

Today I am thankful for every day that I get to spend with my grandmother. Nowadays good moments with her are rare but I treasure each and every one of them :) Have a happy Thursday Sheila! xo

Lisamarie :

Hi Shelia! I linked up my post that I did while you were out of town!

Simply Splendid LOVE :

I am thankful that the Lord loves me no matter what my heart looks like. I'm so thankful that even when I'm not seeking him daily His love for me is always constant! That brings a smile to my face.

I love those pics. So silly!!

Katie Cook :

yeah, just found your blog from Denise's! You are too cute:) I saw that you are amazing. My husband I were just in Ireland in June, and fell in LOVE with it:) Excited to follow your blog girl! love Katie

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