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Just this year I have delved into the blog world, and discovered I had so much to learn.  And I still do.  But one thing I discovered quickly, everyone in this community is gracious when it comes to sharing knowledge and helping others perfect their creativity!  A few people who have helped me learn some tips on how to make buttons or other items are the lovely Sarah, Anna, Anica, Denise, and Liesl  and many more - so grateful.

So at the request of a lovely reader, today I am going to go over how to put text and that pretty "line" on your photos.  This little tutorial will help you create great items for Pinterest too :)

There are two methods that could work: Photoshop or PicMonkey.

1. Open your photo of choice inside Photoshop
2. Go to the little rectangle at the bottom of your Photoshop tool bar
3. Stretch the rectangle across your photo until you get the size/position you want.
4. You can change the color at the top of your screen via the color box display.
4. Go into layers and change the opacity of your new shape
5. Select the text tool, and enter your text
6. Make sure the text layer is above the "shape" so the text will appear in the forefront.

1. Click Edit a photo
2. Open your photo of choice inside PicMonkey
3. Click on Overlays (all the funny shapes)
4. Click on Geometric Shapes
5. Select the rectangle
6. Choose a color ( I love white or gray)
7. Scroll the "fade" slider to lower the opacity
8. Now go to the text tool and enter your text
9. Size it so it fits inside the rectangle
10. If you text is behind the white line, just right click on the line and say bring to front.

Boom - you are done!  That was not too hard now?

I sure hope this helps.  I will be giving you more tips on how I create props for sessions and additional editing techniques.  I am a big fan of organic and simplicity, but sometimes I like to have fun and switch up my editing.

Also, feel free to reach out if there is something specific you are looking to learn how to do!

P.S. Does anyone  know how to put two photos side by side in blogger, without making a collage?  Or is that the only way? 
P.P.S. Have an amazing wonderful day!


Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia :

I'm so so glad you decided to do this :) I haven't jumped on the photoshop bandwagon yet. Which version do you use? Do you think it would be worth investing in it? Is it simple enough to use (I must say your instructions sounded real simple and easy to follow) xoxox

Kristina :

Thanks for including how to do it with PicMonkey! I don't have photoshop and do all my editing with PicMonkey. Great idea to share your knowledge with the world!
Happy Wednesday! xoxo

Simply Splendid LOVE :

Thanks for the shout out! I find myself using picmonkey over photoshop simply because of convince. Ha. And when I don't have my work computer at home it's a great option. There are so many ways to add your name or logo which is nice so everyone's doesn't look the same. I love your simplistic approach so it doesn't dominate your beautiful images. In the photography world creating a watermark is important. And about the two photos side by side, I'm not sure myself but I always use picmonkey collage. You can create a custom collage so they are more square than square. I've done that before. I also created a collage in photoshop with two vertical squares side by side. Try it out and see if it gives you the look you want. I can send you my psd template if you want. Have a great day! (sorry for the long post..ha)

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} :

Thanks for sharing the tip! I've been doing it a completely different way in PS. I think your way is a lot easier.

Kristin :

Great idea to post this Sheila! You're right, it adds so much to photos, and is PERFECT for Pinterest! Hope your Wednesday has been a good one :-)

Taylor :

Bless you for including picmonkey!! The technologically challenged like myself cannot operate photoshop to save our lives. I need to learn how to do all this.

Liz :

Yay!!! I need to go to Photoshop school!! Thank you!!

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