Thankful Thursday Letters

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Dear Readers, I always have a little note for you, but I especially wanted to thank you for making blogging so fun.  Dear Run Club,  running 5K along the Miami water with 200 people is amazing, it almost makes me love running. Thankful for the pretty views.  Dear Color Run - I am praying you are as awesome as the sweet videos I keep watching say you are. I have high hopes for you. Dear Fall, you almost escape Florida, but with the perfect amount of candle scent mixed in with potpourri and pumpkin carving festivities, I found you. Thankful.  Dear Family, I am thankful for your constant love and support.  Miss you all.


P.S. What are all thankful for this week?
P.P.S. The link up will be back next week :)

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Kristina :

Today I am especially thankful for the opportunity to spend the next 5 days in Berlin with my parents. We haven't taken a trip together in quite some time and I love to spend some quality time with them. And I'm also thankful for my amazing dad who constantly inspires me to believe in my dreams and to push myself. (I get to cheer on him this Sunday while he'll run his second marathon in Berlin) My dad is a rockstar ;-) :D

Denise Lopatka :

These thankful thursdays are like my morning coffee and my breath of fresh air. I love it. Here's a few things I'm thankful for today:
- chick-fil-a
- my first blog giveaway
- my blog friends like YOU
- hubs love and cooking
- puppy's cuddles

Happy thursday! xox

Anna :

ha, thank goodness for candles and pumpkins, huh? :) Makes any place feel festive at any given time.

Niki Caron :

I love a great fall candle! The 5K by the water in Miami must have been so gorgeous! And I have a couple of friends who did the Color Run and loved it!!!

Simply Splendid LOVE :

I'm thankful for the encouragement you've been sweet friend. And as always, I'm thankful for my husband. And right now...I'm thankful it's FRIDAY!!!!

Devon :

What great little letters. I love how you are creating a fall atmosphere. I've had to do the same so far here in CA. I also love how you said running on the water almost makes you love running. I would feel the same way :). This week I'm thankful for my parent's. Their love is so apparent to me now that I have gown (not that they didn't always show it, I was probably just not as appreciative as a teen ;).


Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Kristina! Have so much fun in Berlin, I want to see some photos ;) Also, that is amazing your dad is such a great inspiration - you will have to let me in on your new dreams :) Have a wonderful trip!

Liesl :

Thank YOU for making your blog so enjoyable and fun for us to readB <3

Liz :

Have you done your color run yet? We did one in the beginning of September.

I feel like I have alot of catching to do in blogland!!

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