DIY: Chalkboard Frames

Thank you for participating in my first official DIY project - welcome to class :)  The Sisterhood and I are putting together a little DIY party for you all.  Feel free to click Kristin and Tina's blog in order to see what beautiful projects they put together for you.  (Yes, for you - a giveaway will be posted later today).

I love when my friends call for decorating advice.  Something about designing a room and making it beautiful, welcoming, relaxing and personal makes my heart beat fast.  Homes are special places for rest and memories, and making it your own is important.  So I thought I would show you a quick way to spruce up your wall in a collage format in 7 easy steps.

1. Get your supplies folks: Wooden frames, chalkboard paint, paint, ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, and yarn
2. Apply 2 coats of chalk board paint and let dry for about an hour
4. Hot glue yarn to back of frame
5. Apply pretty ribbon
6. Paint sides color of choice, off white
7. Boom! done.

Now the fun part is you can write sweet messages on the frame when they are hung. And mix the chalkboard frames with other larger bulkier frames.  I have a wooden mirror I am thinking of chalking and then writing some inspirational quotes around the side and adding it to a wall collage.

Don't forget to take a peak over at Vignettes to see how to hand stamp a holiday candle!
And Like Ordinary Life to make an inspirational pillow cover!

A fun giveaway will be up later today - stay tuned!!



Megan Wait :

Sweet little tutorial! How come some people are so creative and others, like me, couldn't think of something creative to do in a million years!

Tabetha :

Love this project! Found you through the giveaway at Like Ordinary Life & so glad I did. Happy to be a new follower!

Hallie @ Life:Oceanside :

oooo love all these projects!

perfect fall decor!

Kristin :

I think a chalkboard picture frame is rather genius! I'll be adding one to my home can be sure of that :-)!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design :

I love the frames! That is such a great idea! I think I'll be making some of those.

sarah s. :

This is an adorable idea! These would make great party favors.

Anna :

you guys are so crafty, i love it! :)

Tina Byland :

You know, when you told me that you were doing these frames, I had NO IDEA what they'd look like! And I must say, I LOVE THEM! They are so cool and super simple to make! Awesome job! (and great choice, I'd love them, myself! haha!)

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