Fall Friendship Swap with Vignettes

I never participated in a swap before, so when Kristin mentioned it on her blog I quickly signed up.  I mean who wouldn't want awesome crafts shipped to your door?  All you have to do is create a beautiful fall package for under $20 and send it to "your fall buddy." Then they send one to you! I was not sure what to expect, I was thinking maybe a little gold pumpkin or homemade cookies.  But I was not expecting for a huge box to be shipped with tons of white foam inside.  And underneath all that foam was the biggest most beautiful fall wreath with a gold "S".  I held up my first wreath with pride handmade by the beautiful Taylor over at Tay in Real Life. One thing I learned about Taylor through the blog swap, she is passionate and whatever she does she does it 100%.

Thanks Taylor, you really know what a girl in Florida needs to make it feel like fall.  Every time I open my door the wreath swings out to welcome me and reminds me, it actually is fall somewhere....

Oh, if you want to see how I used my crafty skills to make a fall package for Taylor - head on over Vignettes and Tay in Real Life.  I am kinda proud of it ;)


What do you put up in your house to make it feel like fall?

Fall Swap at Vignettes


Joshua and Stephanie :

What a beautiful wreath!!!

The Mrs. and The Momma :

What a great gift....love the initial on the wreath!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Elise Nicole :

I love it! So pretty and perfect for fall!

Niki Caron :

That's so fun! I love that wreath!!!!!

Jennifer :

What a gorgeous wreath! What a fun gift to receive for your fall swap! (o:

Meg @ write meg! :

Such a gorgeous wreath -- what a thoughtful present!

Katie Ann :

Oh my goodness! What fun to unwrap such a beautiful wreath!

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure :

I think that was a perfect fall swap! That wreath is wonderful. Isn't that a cool feeling, too? I decorated my front door this year and now I every time I leave and come home, I feel excited all over again.

EJ :

That is BEAUTIFUL! Wow! I have argued with my husband for a few years now about wreaths on doors. I think perhaps next year I will win. . . Very creative and thoughtful. I think that's been the best part of this experience - seeing how thoughtful people are. It's kind of given me a bit of hope for the human race. :)

Also - I think it's kind of funny I keep commenting after Elizabeth who was my fall swap friend!

Happy Fall!

Hilary :

I love the wreath! How thoughtful :) That is one thing that is missing from my fall decoration collection

Kristin :

Sheila - that is one beautiful wreath! How festive and welcoming and fallish it makes your front door look I'll bet :-) You got a rather talented swap partner, huh?! So glad you're enjoying your little taste of fall down there in sunny Florida. :-)

Taylor :

May I just say, your photography skills make my wreath look way more awesome than it did on my kitchen table. Glad to see the packaging didn't squash it...it took the UPS guy 15 minutes to get it packed in. I just hope my iphone camera will do your gifts justice!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia :

What a beautiful wreath and so beautifully photographed too! I was just saying the other day how much I enjoy swaps, you become so close and connected with your swap partner, it's a fantastic way to meet new bloggers and make new friends :)

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