Learning to Cook: Bacon Wrapped Tomato and Chicken (Paleo)

Excited to have guest posted over at the lovely Anna's blog! She was away on a well deserved trip, so I thought I would do something a little different then what I usually post about and share a recipe!

If you ask anyone who knows me, they will kindly tell you, "Keep Sheila out of the kitchen."  It's true.  I have done my fair share of oven fires, exploding food (yes, it's possible), and creating gooey messes that were supposed to be stacks of goodness. So I made it a mission this year to learn how to cook.

This revelation only happened after I tried to impress a friend with my cooking "skills"- bad idea.

To learn more about my "skills" and the recipe, head on over to Anna's blog :)

 Oh, and Sarah tried out the recipe too, so make sure to stop by to see how hers turned out.  Super honored  and humbled that someone actually tried out my recipe..AND is not sick :)



Kristina :

Sheila, that recipe sounds delicious! I might try that some time :-) I'm no chef myself and the only thing I love to make in the kitchen, and love to experience with it, are breakfast dishes. Right now I'm baking oatmeal for the first time. Keep your fingers crossed that it turns out alright :-)
Have a happy day!

Megan Wait :

I am actually so peeved, because Flip has been complaining that I never cook. So last night, I cooked, and what does he do? Not even eat my food!

Heading over to Anna's to check your post now!

chocolatebooks :

Looks delicious!! I'm so impressed with you, She She! xo!

Liesl :

How exciting, I'm off to check it out now! :)

Tina @ Like Ordinary Life :

Oh man... that bacon... It looks amazing... and I never get my potato baked in time. I always leave the tater tots or sweet potato fries to wayyyy to late in the game. I just don't plan far enough in advance, haha!

Ashley :

You had me at bacon! You can wrap just about anything in bacon and it's instantly better. ;) Yum yum

Niki Caron :

Going to head over and check out this recipe now! It sounds amazing!

PS - showing off the belt on the blog today!! Thank you again! xo

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Kristina - how did your breakfast turnout? I am not cook either, but messing up a lot in the Kitchen sure does help me learn a few things :) If you try it, let me know how it goes! Have a wonderful day! xox

Kristina :

Sheila, the baked oatmeal wasn't delicious at all. It turned out ok as I was told but I just didn't like it. I think I'll stick to cooking my oatmeal instead of baking it ;-)

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