Bucolic Beauty
Remember to enjoy the little moments this weekend! 
{Silence, friendship, love, wind, laughter, glances, fall scents...}


P.S. A fun giveaway will be coming up next week, along with a few pics from a shoot I am working on.
P.P.S. Don't you love this photo?  Something about it...


Kristina :

This reflects my mood perfectly. As I'm heading back to the lake (college) for probably the last time today I'm looking forward to cherishing every moment that I get to spend their over the next couple of months. When a chapter in life comes to an end I feel like I need to really live everyday to the fullest so that in the end everything was worth it.
Have a happy weekend Sheila, and enjoy every moment of it ;-)

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} :

I absolutely LOVE this photo! Simply beautiful!

Have a great weekend!

Katie Ann :

This photo is beautiful...the colors, facial can almost feel the breeze touching her hair. Enjoy your weekeind =)

sarah s. :

I love this. So simple yet so inspiring. Enjoy your weekend.

Camila Carneiro :

I think this picture shows such an intimate moment, it is truly beautiful.
Have a nice weekend!


Anita :

stunning photo!

Anna @ IHOD :

This photo! Beautiful:)
Defintely soaked up some little moments with my babes this weekend. Hope yours was wonderful!

Domestic Sweetheart :

Beautiful Blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

Tina Byland :

Just so you know, I've come over to this picture every day this week. It's gorgeous! Don't you think????

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