Photography Vlog: What You "Need"

My Camera Bag :)

I will officially be over on Tina's blog as her wit and writing keep me coming back to read more :)
So she asked for some photography tips, and of course I was eager to pass on some of the knowledge I learned from a few years of classes and stalking studying other photographers. Then I got this idea, why don't I make her a surprise - why don't I gift her with my first vlog, ever. Awesome and yet horrible idea.  

If you want to see awkward. Think, stuttering, strange faces, weird eye looking up glances, please watch.  Oh, and if you would like to learn what I think about buying expensive equipment - you can watch too.

To see my first real vlog, head on over to Tina's blog, Like Ordinary Life.


P.S. Oh please be nice, as this vlog is slightly awkward and makes me nervous knowing my face is on the internet :)

P.P.S. Welcome Tina's friends!

P.P.P.S. Don't forget, you still have time to enter the amazing holiday giveaway


Kyle :

For your first Vlog you did a fantastic job. Not sure what you're talking about with "stumbling over your words." Due to your passion for photography you are quite confident and it shines very much.

Kristina :

Sheila! Your vlog was amazing!!!!! You seemed really confident and you have a beautiful smile. No need to be camera shy ;-) Oh and obviously, thanks for the great advise on photography equipment. I am in no position right now to buy a new camera but once the day comes I'll remember what you said!
Have a great day :)

PS: I just realized that was my first time commenting this week. Shame on me! :D

Nicolle :

Really loved your vlog, you weren't awkward at all! I have a question for you, since you mentioned being a little shy - I am also very shy but have a passion for photography (that I'm trying to nurture). Oftentimes I feel nervous about taking the pictures I want; whether its because I'm afraid people will stare/judge me for getting into a weird position to get the shot, or if I'm taking photos of people (even if it's my friends). I also feel a bit weird lugging my camera around, sometimes I think my friends are wary that I'm always trying to photograph them. Do you have any advice for overcoming that?

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Hi Kristina! Thank you so much, you always know what to say to make me smile! Yes, when you are about to buy a camera let me know! I am no expert, but I don't mind researching to help:)

Hi Nicolle! Great to hear from and thank you so much for your sweet comment!! Yes, I just don't enjoy photos of myself, but love taking photos of others. This is something I am still working on, at times I freeze up and don't want to make my client or friend feel uncomfortable. But at the end of the day they want you to take their photo, because they like your work - so be confident and do your thing! Getting in that strange position or finding a cool angle, is what makes your photography personal, because you see things that others don=n't - get the shot and don't worry about what others think. :) Because at the end of the day, you will have a beautiful photo/memory and that can help you build your portfolio. As for lugging around your camera and your friends are nervous, I tend to find the one friend who knows I am obsessed with photos and they let me take photos of them. But I also am very conscious to let me friends know I will never ever post a photo they do not love, that is important for gaining their trust and just being respectful. Also, I don't always carry my big camera around - I try and leave it behind to fully experience moments without the lens, but when it is a big occasion or a beautiful place - I bring it! I sure hope that helped you a bit! Shoot me an email with any more questions you have - you will do great, don't be shy :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Also, thank you Kyle!

Liz :

You're adorable!!! i want to sit across from you and pick your brain on photography!!

I have a lowepro bag too!!

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