Thankful Thursday: 1,000 Gifts

Sheila Sheridan Photography
I decided to do a little change up this week and instead of a letter, give you  a list.  A list of gratitude. An elegant writer and inspirational lady wrote a book called, 1,000 Gifts.  Her name is Ann Voskamp.  This book has been swirling around blogland, but I first heard about it from Sarah and Denise.  It is a book with a message close to my heart.  She explains that in gratitude we learn to find joy, because it is through gratitude our eyes open to the gifts we already have.  Deep. Powerful. True.  So I want to start my own list and would love for you to begin yours.  You don't need to write 1,000 things you are thankful for in one sitting, but slowly and honestly.  So I will begin with a few of mine....

1,000 Gifts
1. The cool Florida weather that will be arriving
2. A supportive family that stays in touch while I am living away
3. Supportive friendships that have been evolving for years though I tend to continually move around
4. New friendships that challenge me and force me to grow
5. Friends that live abroad, but continually encourage and mold my life and ways of thinking. Thankful
5. Honest words spoken by friends that challenge me
6. New running shoes that don't make my toes black and blue (gross, but true)
7. Fresh fruit in the morning
8. The smell of fall through a small candle
9. Receiving packages in the mail from loved ones
10. Fellowship with friends
11. A job that challenges me to grow when I am content
12. Taking pictures in order to captures others joyful moments
13. Eating a brown paper bag lunch with gummies inside and PP&J - and swaping snacks like elementary school
14. Being on the water and feeling the breeze of the ocean and smell of salty air.  Love it. 
15. The blogland that is a collaboration of inspiration and support
16. Running with every ounce I have
17. Reading the book Boundries and altering how I think
18. Hearing my youth group students stories and remembering that every stage of life has it's obstacles
19. Making my first soup of my life that I did not blow-up, burn, or give some one food poison from
20.  Hearing stories that start with, "Once upon a time..."
21. Beginning this list

Those are a few of mine. I am going to keep writing this list and challenge you to begin yours.  As it is through reflection and gratitude, we begin to see the world through a rose colored lens and moments become precious memories of joy.  Do it. 

Sheila Sheridan Photography
P.S. More from this shoot in a week or two!
P.P.S What are you thankful for?
P.P.PS - Welcome to all the new readers from Kristin, Tina, and Bridgette's blogs- I am so happy to have you and excited to get to know you all.  Feel free to shot me an email :)


Simply Splendid LOVE :

Once upon a friend Sheila wrote a little list of things she's grateful for. She inspired her new blogging friend to do the same. Now if only her blogging friend can find time...hmmm. What a great way to take a moment and reflect on all the amazing things/people/moments in life that are so good. I NEED to do this! The End.

sarah s. :

What a great list! And very nice Photography!

Gwen Albaugh :

Love this idea everyone should create a list!!

Taylor :

This book was gifted to me just before I moved to Florida by my very best friend. Inspiring, isn't it?

Kristin :

You're right, that book has your name written all over it! Love your list Sheila. I'm feeling more grateful for what's around me too as a result of reading all of your blessings :-). Happy weekending girl!

Denise Lopatka :

this is a beautiful post! so glad you are reading this book. it is so life changing.

ps - that picture is stunning!! which we lived closer so i could hire you for anything and eveyrthing photography related. you are so talented!! xox :

Just found your blog, super cute, I love those photos--great lighting!

Devon :

I've heard only good things about this book so now I'm convinced I've got to read it. Your list is lovely and the pictures are beautiful! I love how you captured the sunlight!. Ps will respond to your email soon!

NaNa :

beautiful pictures ! I'm thankful for being able to have lovely running water in the tap and that i can afford to eat !

love from the NANA girls xoxo

Ashley :

So glad I stumbled across your blog. I saw in your about me that you live in FL too... my husband and I moved from Colorado, and we're thankful for the cool weather headed our way too. (:

I've been meaning to read 1,000 Gifts for a while now... I just might need to get on that!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Thanks so much, Gwen! It is a great book!

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