Thankful Thursday Letters

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Dear Slightly Cooler Weather, can you get here just a bit faster? However, I am thankful you are slowly making a presence. Dear Friends From Home, Can't wait to see you all for two short days! Dear Paleo Lifestyle Challenge, Sometimes I hate you because you are forcing me to learn how to cook, while other times I am thankful you are making me eat healthier and, well, teaching me to cook. Dear Future Project, I can't wait to start building you from scratch, just thinking about it makes me smile!  Dear Baby Elise, I miss holding you and can't believe how big you are getting.  Grow slow. Dear Life, Sometimes things happen that make me realize this place is temporary and fleeting. Thanks for reminding me that life is precious, to enjoy each moment, be gracious always, and love without ceasing.

I love love this post I just read over at Aspiring Kennedy about being grateful for the small things....I think you will too.


What are you thankful for today?

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Kristina :

Today I'm thankful for my Barbour which keeps me warm while the wind is blowing. And I'm so so thankful for fall. It's my favorite season, hands down!

Since when are you following the paleo life style? Is it only temporary or a complete change of life style? I'm not sure if you have blogged about it already but I would love to hear/read more about it. Obviously only if you are comfortable sharing it with the world :-)

Have a great day! xo

Denise Lopatka :

Today I'm thankful for encouraging blog friends like YOU! Thanks for sharing. love xox

Kristin :

Beautiful Sheila. Especially loved the reminder in the last one. Thank you for that. Today I'm thankful for the leaves falling outside my window, my sweet husband's recovery, The Sisterhood ;-), a warm cozy bed on cool Autumn night, hot apple cider, and crackling fires. Happy Thursday!

Liesl :

I second the slightly cooler weather! :)

Hallie :

Ohh my gosh totally with you on the paleo thing for every reason. I am forced to learn how to cook I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it just a little, adorable blog:):)

Can't wait to follow along:)
Xo Hallie

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella :

love your little letters :)

today i'm thankful my 8 am class in only on Monday and Wednesday, that Romney did so well last night, and that tomorrow is Friday :)

ps. thanks for all your comments on my blog!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design :

This is such a sweet post. It's so important to just stop and think about all the things you are thankful for. iI just look some of your older posts and all your pictures are beautiful!

chocolatebooks :

I'm thankful that fall is here, and that cooler weather is on its way in the next few days. I'm thankful that my puppy seems to be growing into a more well-behaved doggie just in time. I'm thankful for my job that allows me a good amount of downtime now that I need it more than ever. I'm thankful that I am in good hands with my family, friends, and doctors as my due date quickly approaches! And...I'm thankful to get to meet my sweet little baby girl so soon! Love you, Sheila & miss you tons! xo

Jessica :

I am seriously in love with this post... and with your blog in general! It's so cute! I'm your newest follower through the GFC Blog Hop, and I'm so excited about it... I can already tell that I'm going to love reading what you write!

I'd love a follow back--we can be blogging buddies!

You can find my blog at:
What's in a Name?

Can't wait to read more from you!

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren :

I can't wait until the weather cools down as well! It is still so hot!

Liz :

We always tend to have a few similar things! I am loving the weather!! I have long sleeves on's perfect. Tell me about your Paleo challenge!!

Tina @ Like Ordinary Life :

I'm pretty excited about your future project! It's going to be rather awesome!

You are right about colder weather. I want it soooo bad but then again, it shocks my body if it doesn't happen gradually.

I need to start cooking again. I used to love it. Now, I feel like I don't do it enough to do it well anymore. This needs to change. :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Kristina!!!! So happy you are enjoying fall, it is a beautiful season :) I always look for your comment at the top:) I will write a post about it for you, no problem! I just started and it is challenging but it has good results. Not really a diet - but more of a challenge for me to become a healthier more natural eater :) xo always

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Tara, T-mom - Thanks so much for posting and I miss you and bump a lot! I love your thankful list. I am just reading now how gratitude brings joy - I used to say it, but truly learning about the connection now! Moral of the story - it sounds like life is going so well for you and everything falling into place! Miss you very much! xo

Kristina :

Sheila, it's easy for me to be the first one to comment since I'm 6 hours ahead of you ;-) I'm looking forward to your post about your experiences with the paleo diet. I'm thinking about doing the Whole30 but I'm a little afraid of the consequences. And I don't know if I'll find enough things to eat that I like :D Maybe your experiences will help me decide.
Thanks for always commenting back on my comments. I know it would be easier for you if I could just figure out how to comment via GFC. So sorry for my inability to do that :(

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Haha, that is a good thing and why I post my posts at 4AM :) I would say if you are looking for a healthy eating lifestyle change, and not a diet - trying just going natural. Or the 30 for 30. I have cheated a lot with Paleo, but keep getting up and trying again!

Of course - I love your comments and learning about your exciting life! xo

PS - one day we will figure out GFC!

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