Thankful Thursday: Remember the Moments

I sat among my middle school youth group students and listened to them say what they were thankful for. 

"My mom's cooking, because it is so good."
"Getting an A on my math test."
"Having dinner with my dad and learning from him."
"How hard my parents work so that I can enjoy so much."

My heart was melting as they remembered their moments. Just like that, the mood in the room switched and joy was spreading around. Joy was spreading as they eagerly volunteered to make gratitude bracelets to sell with the intention to donate the money to a women's shelter. More melting. That's what gratitude does - it is contagious and spreads and reminds people that being "happy" or a joyful person is a choice.  And last night I sat back like a proud parent, as gratitude and joy spread around the room and each student's eyes opened wide when they realized they have the power to be happy. It's their choice.

I will posting more on my 1,000 gifts next week!


P.S. What are you thankful for today?  I am still reading 1,000 Gifts and realizing that the smallest thing, such as a gentle breeze, can be a gift - if you let it! Such a good book!


Megan Wait :

I love that these kids are so wise! Beyond their years. There aren't many kids these days who are still grateful for what their parents do for them, especially if you watch stuff like Sweet Sixteen or any reality tv show on MTV for that matter

Kristina :

Today I am very grateful for my parents who still take good care for me so that I can focus on my future and look for the right job for me instead of just taking one because of the money.
Happy Thursday Sheila! It's almost the weekend! So exciting :-)

Katie Ann :

Thankful for a cup of peach tea and raindrops pattering against the window sill!

Camila Carneiro :

How sweet to hear such things from children... they can be so humble an honest :)
I'm grateful for a getaway this weekend after a busy and tiring week.

Have a great day!

Liesl :

Beautiful, just beautiful...and I'm loving the lighting!!! :)

Tina Byland :

Those are great memories! Actually, these kids sound rather intuitive! I don't think I would have come up with "how hard my parents work" or "learning from my dad". Wow. You are fortunate, working with those kids. They are clearly wonderful students!!!

Kristin :

I loved reading this Sheila! So sweet and inspiring - you're right we all had a theme going on today, didn't we?! Now I'm off to watch your VLOG!!!!! Muahahaha! I'm so excited about it!!!! - So much to catch up on over here. :-)

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia :

Today, I'm honestly thankful that I took the time to make my bed. I love looking at and getting into a made bed :) xoxox

Liz :

Those baby rolls! Too cute!! Great shots!!

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