The Morning Bean: Believe

I love this photo. Something about it just makes me smile and believe something wonderful is always around the corner! I hope you had wonderful relaxing weekends.  I spent some time with friends and went on my first group bike ride.  I pretended to be Lance Armstrong for 2 seconds as I "zoomed" by palm trees and aqua, until I realized I was wearing running shoes and a kids t-shirt as spandex clans flew by me.  I swear I even heard swooshing sounds as they zoomed by in all their glory.  Next time, Lance, next time...


PS. I will be working on my first big DIY in the upcoming weeks and will post the progress when we start!  Here is a hint

P.P.S. What did you do this weekend?


Kristin :

Eeeeee! Can't wait for more "hints" about your DIY project :-) - Oh, and that photo sure made me smile too!

Milynn {Love + Whimsy} :

I go on group bike rides with my friends and occasionally a real biker group passes us. they make the same sound as they zoom by!

Oh! I can't wait to see what your DIY project is :)

Megan Wait :

Hahaha, they brought you back to earth right there hey? But it sounds fun, I would love to do group rides too, as long as I don't have to go uphill.

Cannot wait to see what you are planning! SOOO excited for the progress!

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