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Sometimes when I am flying high above the clouds and zooming across the sky toward my final destination, I start to daydream. I suppose yesterday I daydreamed I was a graphic designer and was savvy enough to update my blog. It was a beautiful daydream with great vision, until I tried making that dream a reality.  The plane brought me and my dreams back down to reality, as the wheels hit the ground in Florida.

Things did not go as wonderfully as planned.

So if you are wondering what is up with my "new" blog design. It is umm officially under construction :)  And if any of you might know a designer who can assist with making my creative mind a reality, I would be much obliged.

Until then, focus on that little pink bird in the right corner. Do you see it?  Yup, I made that while sitting next to a Rabbi and talking about his knowledge of 8 languages.


P.S. Have a happy Monday and thanks for your patience!
P.P.S Also, if any of you know how to make photos larger, well, that would just make my day.


Tina Byland :

In all honesty, I like the new logo. I liked the old one, too, though. But I'm a simple person. I like simplicity!

As for photos, I think I JUST figured this out! It made me SOOOOOOOO angry that my pictures weren't full size. But then, when I started uploading them all to photobucket, then using the html code from photobucket instead of straight-up uploading them into the post, they got HUGE!!!! So basically, what I do, is when I have a picture to put it, I take the code for it from photobucket & I enter it into the html for the post. I wonder if that will help you.

Good luck with the blog design! It's always nervewracking to switch it up!

sarah s. :

I agree with Tina above about simplicity and I absolutely love that little bird! I know how confusing those HTML codes are, It took me weeks to figure out the simplest things. Good Luck with everything!

Kristina :

I agree with the girls in front of me. The simplicity of your new logo is beautiful. Can't wait to see your blog in all of it's new beauty :-)
Have a great week!

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Thank you so much, Kristina! Hopefully the rest of the blog will come together and be nice and organized soon! I hope you are enjoying Germany :)

Ashley :

Love the soothing colors of your blog... and that cute little pink bird too.

I am in desperate need of a blog makeover too. If you end up finding someone you like to design your blog, please let me know! (:

Glad you're safely back in Florida.

Megan Wait :

I was just about to ask when you changed the look of your blog, because I absolutely love it!

The simplicity is just perfect. If your computer has live writer, I suggest you start writing your posts there. It enables you to change your picture size by dragging it to the size you wish. You can just preview the post to check that it doesn't go over the lines.

Hope this helps!

Kristin :

I think it's looking great around here Sheila! So fresh! And btw. did I ever tell you about how much I loved your Vlog? 'Cuz I did. And it inspired me to not be held back by my lack of spectacular're right, it's all about capturing a moment. Thank you for sharing that message girl!

Meg {henninglove} :

wait what 8 languages?? was were they? i wish i was a graphic designer too and could dream up all sort of wonderful designs. alas i am not so i just ask my brother help out

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