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This weekend sure fly by, I can't believe it is already Monday!

I am linking up with Liz from Try on Life today to share a few Crossfit photos and, well, talk about this little sport, if you will.  I started Crossfit almost one year ago and love it! I was beyond scared the first day I entered the "box."  I remember looking around at all the equipment and people thinking, I was in for it...and oh how so true.  I believe I crawled out of my first class, vowing never to return. I mean, who makes their gym members so tired they can't move after a work out?

My vow did not last long, as a friend challenged me to try it just for 30 days, I never back down from a challenge, and so I signed up. Multiply 30 days by 7 months, and I suppose I am still living out this challenge and loving it!

I have always been an athlete and sports enthusiast. If it was a sport, I tried it. Starting with soccer and moving to tennis, field hockey, rugby and running, to name a few.  I loved the team environment and intense exercise that a sports team offered. And that is what I also love about Crossfit. It is like being part of a team again, while becoming faster, stronger, and healthier. Everyone is routing for you as you meet and surpass your goals. So those days you can't breath because the coaches pushed you so hard, are worth it :)

A bit about Crossfit:
Crossfit gives working out a whole new twist, they focus on speed, flexibility, and endurance. They start their WOD"s with short team "warm up's" (which are more like a whole work out) followed by the WOD (Work out of the Day) in under an hour. Boom. And not to mention what a fun community the Crossfit world offers as well as coupled with a new take on nutrition. (I will get more into this another day).  And if you are wondering, because I sure was, Crossfit won't make you look like a bodybuilder  :)

Crossfit is not everyone's cup of tea, but I do know I thoroughly enjoy it and get excited to go each week. (True story).

Don't forget to stop on over to Liz's blog and see what she has to say on Crossfit!

Also, today I have a little surprise giveaway for your from Tina at Like Ordinary Life!  She is a giving away a bunch of great items in order to celebrate her one year Blog-Aversary!  Congrats, Tina! 


PS. Have you ever tried Crossfit?
PPS - Those lovely you photos you see were taken for a Crossfit Calendar and I will be posting more this week!
PPPS - If you missed the Grace in the City Ballet shoot, you can find it here.  


Liz :

Your photos are gorgeous!!!! Haha I love that we botg crawled out of there and yet somehow we keep going back!!

Megan Wait :

I would love to start doing crossfit, but for some reason, all the clubs are based on the northern side of Joburg, and with our horrible traffic, there is no way I'm trekking. So the normal gym would have to do.

BTW, I also wrote a post about the gym today. Coinkydinks!

Kristina :

I've heard so many good things about Crossfit...actually I think I've never heard anybody say that they didn't like it...and I hope that one day I'll be able to try it myself. There is no box in the city where I live right now but maybe someday :)
Might there be a post about paleo in the near future since you already mentioned the new take on nutrition that you got from Crossfit?
Have a great week Sheila :)

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia :

It looks like it's amazing workout. Good on your for sticking it out. I'm more of a yoga at home and go for a run and a swim on my own kinda person. I guess it's just about finding something that you're comfortable with and that works for you :)

Kate :

These photos are amazing! And I've always wanted to try crossfit... it does seem pretty intimidating though.

Tina Byland :

Sometimes I think about Crossfit. And then I see the picture up there of girls doing pull ups and I know it's not for me. I have zero upper body strength. I can't do a single pull up. You should've seen me when Alex & I did P90x. That workout didn't work well at all with me!

So good to see you enjoy it! Everyone who does it loves it. ;)

Kristin :

You are a better woman than I. That's all I have to say :-)

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