Re-Branding: Colors and Style

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"Do you shoot maternity and infant photography?"

This is usually the first question I am asked when I happily hand over my photography card to inquiring clients. The intricate pink "S" that pops out of my logo seems to shout cute, feminine and girly. Which is a nice message in and of itself; however, I want to do more then maternity shoots ;) 

For about 5 months now, I have been on the search for a new website with better functionality. However, before charging forward with a pretty website, I realized I needed to take a few steps backwards.  I needed to fix my brand so my message matched my goals.

Who would have thought something as small as a pink "S" in my logo, would scream a message to potential clients. Yup, it sure does!  So for the past few weeks, thoughts on color, style, message, and layout have been on my mind.  There is a lot to think about on my quest to have a website that reflects my work. If I want my audience to have a good sense of who I am as a photographer, I need to have a web presence that reflects that.  My current website, though it is cute and a nice kick start platform - no longer works.

So three cheers for new websites and re-branding! Hip Hip...

My first step is keeping the look of my logo, but changing the color. 

 I am contemplating a few new colors: Black, Gray, bronzey gold, light green, Navy, all paired with white or gray. Which color do you all like best?  I posted a few options below. Would love your thoughts!


Nicholl Vincent :

gold :)

Kera :

I like the gold as well :) Congrats on expanding your business and getting your name out there! Happy to have found your blog! New follower. xo

Thriving Wives :

Personally I'm drawn to the first one, but gold comes in second. Keep in mind that font choice sends a strong message as well - I like the one you chose but it's very feminine. Just a thought, since you mentioned trying to steer a little bit away from that...

Strive to Thrive,

Denise Lopatka :

hmmm i love the pink and gray and gold and gray but i think that pink and navy could be cute too!! and gold and navy!

chocolatebooks :

I also like the gold, given the choices. Would you consider black with a silver S? I think that would look very elegant and you! <3

Tina Byland :

Number 2. The gold. Although the green is sorta cute with your Irish background. I'm thinking about rebranding Like Ordinary Life.... not too much, but just a little. Sorta like what you did. I would go with the gold... it's classy and timeless and can mean anything from babies and maternity to weddings to portraits. I'd do gold. ;)

Jessie :


Niki Caron :

The pink and gold stand out to me the most, but honestly I love all three! I'm sorry, that's probably no help!!!

Victoria :

All three are so nice! The green one POPS out for sure. I think, I like the gold the best though.

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

T-Mom! What a good thought, let me try those colors too :)

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Thanks, Jessie for you input:) I think gold is now the big winner! xo

Megan Wait :

Pink is my favourite colour, so I will always choose pink. But have you considered blue? These days I am seriously drawn to the combination of a light blue and grey!

Shout if you need anything design wise, I love trying :)

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