Thankful Thursday: 1,000 Gifts {part 3}

I sat in youth group yesterday, and listened to the students share what they are thankful for. It is our new way to start the meetings. As I listened to their moments of gratitude, it reminded me the power of words.  How saying something out loud or writing it down, has the power to heal and bring joy!  So I thought another 1,000 list was due this week. And I can't forget to mention that the amazing Liz from Try on Life, will be joining in over at her blog too.

I hope you started your lists. Next week we will be back to Thankful Thursday Letter's, but today, today is another list. :)

To see the first 1,000 list click here and the second, simply click here ;)  I dare you to give it a try too!

58. Listening to wind rustle the palm trees outside my window at night. (welcome back breeze)
59. Listening to my youth group students open up and share their stories
60. Laughing. period.
61. Learning how to swing dance with friends, and watching a 70 year old man still try and shake it
62. Writing in my journal with a cup of tea and early morning silence
63. Learning to say "yes" when I mean "yes" and "no" when I mean "no" :)  Sounds easy...
64. Dong box jumps at crossfit and feeling my feet bounce off the floor faster and faster
65. Leaving the grocery store with fresh fruit and vegetables, and not as much junk food :)  Victory!
66. Blogs that inspire me in business, crafts, photography, fashion, and the list could go on..
67. News that my friend is having her baby on Fridayj!
68. A video sent by my sister in law of my niece cooing - precious
69. Receiving news the "craft project" will really begin this weekend!
70. Learning again and again the gift of simplicity
71. Constantly being reminded I am blessed with beautiful family and friends who are true gifts.
72. This list - I find myself whispering thank you under my breath at the smallest things. And a growing desire for others to understand the power of a thankful heart in an ever changing world.
73. Learning to not be such a perfectionist....
74. Each day praying to learn to love like Christ, and watching God slowly change my heart
75. Kind yachty friends who are stationed in Florida for just a few weeks and sharing stories with them
76. Sitting around a table full of old Halloween candy and laughing with new and old friends.


Thanks for taking the time to read this long list again :)  It truly helps me stop and reflect on my week, and think about the little things.  Even if you think of one small gift a day, it is gonna make your heart swell - truth!  What are you thankful for?

P.S. Have a lovely wonderful Thankful Thursday!


Kristina :

Today I am really thankful for being able to go on spontaneous trips. My birthday is in three weeks and I'll spend it visiting friends in Dresden. I might even get the chance to go on a day trip to Prague. Any must-do's?
Have a happy Thursday!

Liz :

For some reason the when I tired to add links this morning they didn't post :( I'll fix it tonight!! I'm so excited to do this with you!!!

I love when the youth kids open up. I know it's not easy for them and I feel privileged they trust me. My sister-in-laws are so good about sending me pictures and videos I love it!!! I finally feel more comfortable with box jumps!! We had to do a bajillion of them yesterday and my calves hurt today haha!!

Rachel :

I love this! Great post!

Kristin :

Just reading YOUR list made my heart swell! Such wonderful things surrounding you... And imagining that darling 70 year old man made me smile so big! I hope I can keep such a youthful heart :-).

Denise Lopatka :

love #63. Sounds so easy but yet sometimes it is SO hard!! xox

Ashley :

I love the list of things you're grateful for. Life... there are so many little things we can miss when we're in a hurry. I'm super thankful for cooler weather and cozy sweatpants! (:

Meredith :

I love this! A friend just gave me the 1,000 Gifts book and I am really looking forward to starting my own list. Thanks for sharing this and for linking up with #MTMmixer!

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