Thankful Thursday: 1,000 Gifts {part 4}

Days seem to fly by lately. Too fast to slow down and reflect. Too fast to slow down and say thank you.  Too fast... This week I will work on slowing down, enough to see the beauty around me and soak it in.

1,000 Gifts List 
(influenced by Ann Voskamp)
If you missed the first few lists, feel free to check them out  here, here, and here.

77.The perfect Florida weather that arrives with a gentle breeze
78. Decluttering my closet and room. Realizing less is truly more
79. Sweet emails from friends and Christmas cards arriving
80. Exploring downtown Miami and falling in love with the convenience of city life
81. Walking to a friends house after run club, because they needed someone to eat all their sweets ;)
82. Reminding myself that attitude is everything in life. period. {hashtag, if I know how to use them}
83. Sitting by the ocean eating lunch under a tiki hut
84. Learning that the classroom of silence is necessary in order to grow
85. Talking with my family via Facetime - Thank you Apple Inc. for letting me see Dad's amused face
86. Friendships that inspire me to keep growing in my relationship with God.
87. Long bike rides through the Everglades park and counting alligators - 14
88. Booking my flight home for Christmas. I can't wait to see family, friends and all the little ones!
89. Completion of the secret project, just waiting a short week or so for my prints to arrive from the lovely Stephanie and then I will have the big reveal :)
91. Prepping for a little gingerbread house making party this weekend, nothing like friends and early Christmas cheer
90. Helping out at this exciting workshop! I will share more next week


P.S. What are you thankful for today?
P.P.S Thank you everyone for you sweet input on the new logo color. Gold appears to the unanimous winner!  I will keep you posted as the rest of the website comes together.


Kristina :

Happy Thursday Sheila!
I absolutely love #85. Facetime has got to be one of the greatest inventions ever :D
Today I'm also very very thankful for the arrival of the first snow. Yes, it snowed tonight and at 7am I hopped out of bed, ran to the window and watched the snowflakes fall like a little kid :) Love the snow, love the winter and love the holiday season!
Have a great day xo

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia :

What a beautiful list, they just keep getting better and better! I'm thankful that my husband got to meet my nanna and spend three years getting to know her before she passed on last week. I'm thankful that I got to spend time with my mum and my auntie and really celebrate life. And I'm continuously thankful for the wonderful blogging community! Wishing you a great week and many more things to be thankful for xoxox

Katie Hubly :

Attitude and silence....mmmhhhmmm! So necessary =) So thankful for sisters who are always willing to lend an ear and open a bottle of wine, for packaging up pretty parcels and postage stamps =)

Anonymous :

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Denise Lopatka :

love your list sweet friend!

ps you won my giveaway :) it wasn't rigged either! haha

pps - excited about DECEMBER :)

Ashley :

I have to say... lunch under a tiki hut and gingerbread making sound right up my alley. (:

Oh... and I looked at your logo samples... I like the gold too!

Tina Byland :

Haha! Gingerbread making. I hope it's a blast. I LOVED my facebook invite. :)I wish I could come, it sounds like you all have a great party. I think I may steal your idea and have some friends over to do something similar! Happy Weekend! I am sad the "sisterhood" is over, even though it's really not. And I'm keeping you up at the top of my sponsor list for ever and eternity. Ok. This should have just been a big, long email. Oops. I'll stop now and finish my thoughts by emailing you later! Happy December!

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