Thanksgiving: Lifestyle Blogger Style Link-up

Thanks for popping on over and joining our first Sisterhood link-up! If you need to catch up on the exciting events of today's post, you can do that right here. Essentially, Kristin, Tina and myself are joining together and inviting you all to share a taste of your Thanksgiving and glance into your life on how you spend your holiday of gratitude. 

This Thanksgiving...

This year will be the second Thanksgiving spent away from my family.  You see, I come from a large Irish clan who loves to gather together to celebrate, well, just about anything.  A family that loves to laugh, share stories, pass around compliments, and argue about who gets to hold the newest addition to the family (Mom-mom always wins. period). I am going to miss them. But though I will be far away from this lovely bunch this year and Thanksgiving will be slightly different, I know the love we all feel as a family exceeds distance:)  So instead of flying home, I will be spending it in lovely Florida with a few good friends.

Now, without further ado, my answers to today's link up:

+ Fashion for Turkey Day – What do you plan to wear?
If I did happen to be home, I would probably be wearing something like this...
Thanksgiving Attire
+ What Thanksgiving means to you in one word
Reflect - reflect on your year with a heart of gratitude.  A day to remember the moments we let rush by, let loved ones know how much they mean to us, and a time to recall all the little gifts of gratitude we received throughout the year.

+ A photo of something you’re thankful for

You might be wondering why I have a ballerina in the city and then some random boats, hey?  Well, it is because I am thankful for the opportunity to live in the city of Miami. I never thought I would live in this hustling bustling city so far from my family, but I do. And over the years I have learned the importance of living fully in the now and growing where you are planted - because it is with this attitude we can fully embrace life with a grateful heart! If we carry thankful hearts, we can find beauty wherever we are.  Amen? ;)

Now it is your turn to link up and share your Thanksgiving traditions and tid bits.  I can't wait to read them!


Kristina :

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday and I really wish I was able to celebrate it with my American family this year :) Also love the outfit that you would choose. It looks a lot like what I would wear!
have a great day

PS: I'm working on the google+ thing :)

Victoria :

I guess I better look around to figure out why you are so far away from your family! Enjoy your new city (even though it sounds like you've been there for a while), your friends, and hopefully a great holiday. :)

Sarah S. :

I really love your post. especially talking about what you're thankful for.

Katie Hubly :

Have to love big Irish families don't you?! My own family is the same and we are all looking forward to just being together!!

Thriving Wives :

Loved reading this, we participated today too! I come from a very small family and now that I'm married it's growing very fast and I love it! Sorry you are missing your clan :(

Strive to Thrive,

Niki Caron :

That bow necklace is gorgeous! I love your Thanksgiving outfit! Miami must be so beautiful - I've never been there. I used to live far from my family and I had to spend a few Thanksgivings away, but it's nice to know that the love is there :) Have a great week! xoxo

Michaela :

Okay, your blog is DARLING. So glad you commented so I could find you!! :)
Love this post, love your outfit picks and love Thanksgiving. Such a great time with family and friends. The line about carrying thankful hearts and finding beauty...amen for sure!!

Tina Byland :

I think reflect is a perfect word for this holiday. Especially this year. Life keeps moving too quick. I have to remind myself to Slllooowww dowwwnnn and reflect. :) And that outfit, by the way... love it! Not to mention bows are like IN this year! ;)

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