What if Money Did Not Matter

I came across this probing video on a friends page. It made me pause and reflect, as I listened to the narrator challenge his viewers by asking a question our society finds insignificant.

~ What if money did not matter? ~

What would you do in this life, if money was not important? What dreams do you push aside, because reality says they are not practical  What gifts do you hide, because society says they are useless? Pursue them. Ask yourself, "What do I desire?" and let the answer slowly unravel. We only have this "one wild and crazy life, " what are you going to do with it? This clip is a little reminder that we have one opportunity to live a life of intentionality, purpose, and to follow our vocation - instead of chasing money. 

What would you do, if money did not matter?

Happy Monday!



Rachel :

Thank you for posting this you really have me thinking now! What would I do?
Also I nominated you for the Liebster award! You can check it our on my blog!


Denise Lopatka :

talk about a make you think monday sheila! love it. you always make me think and always make me smile :)

Tina Byland :

Are you reading my mind? Huh? I think you wrote this one for me... :)

Happy-it's-officially-the-holiday-season week!!!

Liz :

I feel like you are always reading my mind!!! My recent thought has been "If there was nothing stopping me what would I do?" Photography is always one of the first answers. Hoping to devote more time to it!

Megan Wait :

I would absolutely start travelling and I wouldn't stop until I died from exhaustion! And while travelling I would collect stories from the people I meet and write a billion and one stories.

That is what I would do. But you didn't say what you would do?

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