Awhile ago my boss brought back to the office a few posters gifted to him by Facebook, and placed them in a side office. I remember stumbling upon one particular print out and just staring at it. It had big bold red ink and asked the probing question, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"  

I had never asked myself this before, so I let it sink in. I realized how much fear held me back in life from leaping, jumping, trying new things, etc.  Fear can be disguised as comfort and security, reminding us that if we jump, there might not be a place to land. "Stop dreaming," fear says, "This is as good as it gets."  But the opposite of fear is trust, and trust reminds us that we must leap in order to see what lies ahead. We must shake off the comforts of fear, and listen to that quiet whisper, encouraging us to face our fears and trust in Him.  

I am working on a little behind the scenes project that popped up while spending some time in DC with sweet and encouraging friends.  I am excited to share it with you in a month or so, but until then...

"What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

With a grateful heart,
XOXO always,

P.S.  The sweet Stephanie made the above print for me, and was designed after the Facebook quote.. She is nothing but talented :) 
P.P.S.  Will be sharing a few of my friends answers to the above question next week!

- Live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -


Denise Lopatka :

ummmmmmmm yes. right on point girl. this post is so good and so true. i will be pondering that question all day today.

cant wait for our skype date!!

Anonymous :

I've always been so amazed at your ability to breathe life into my life all your little posts. I keep hoping to have a woman as amazing as you. Yet, maybe that's the problem "fear".

Kristina :

Oh yes, what a great question! I've thought about it a lot lately and I came to realize that fear really does hold me back a lot. Gonna need to work on my trust in the world, myself and God, to get through my fear. Maybe I need to put this on my next MBS-chart ;-)
Happy weekend, lovely Sheila xo

Devon :

Good question! It's always a good idea to ask ourselves questions we don't necessarily have the answer to right away.

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Thank you so much for you kind words - I hope you chase your dreams :)

Kristina :) I will be sending some prayers your way, and i hope you do chase away that fear through action and prayer! That MBS chart is in the making ;) About another month or so.... Have a great rest of the week! xo

Donald Gately :

This is a great post. Really, it is the key question because it's fear and anxiety that holds us back!

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