I had big intentions to have the Mind Body Soul Living post ready to go; but this August, I am running a bit slower. Not for lack of motivation or dragging my feet, but rather because I am working on a little surprise for you all that happens to not yet be complete.  :) And as I am waiting for this little surprise to take shape, I have been steadily working on my own MBS Living list. I hope you have too!

I get so excited for this time each year, to set new goals and refocus on what matters.  Have you ever heard about the power of writing things down? If not, I recommend reading the book, "Write it Down, Make it Happen"! It's amazing how taking 5 seconds out of your day to write down a goal, can help you get a tiny step closer to reaching a dream.  Reinforcing why it is so important to not just have dreams, but work towards making those dreams a reality, by writing them down and breaking them up into tangible action steps -- to help you Dream Awake.

I will be posting more on the MBS Living next week, and I am excited and a bit nervous to reveal that little project I have been working on behind the scenes!

Have an amazing long weekend friends!

With a grateful heart,
XOXO always,

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- Live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -


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