I apologize for the long delay in posting, but a little bit of work and a little bit of travel for weddings took me away from blogland.  If mental blogging was a reality, I would rock at it. But sadly, it is not yet in existence. Until then I will continue to post sporadically, just imagine it as a great surprise when something does show up :)  And with Intentional August reminding me to focus on what matter's most, I am trying to do just that. 

Now back to our series....

Today we have the sweet MaryAnne who opened her heart to share her insight on, "What would you do if you weren't afraid?"

If you missed the first 2 posts on this topic, head on over here and here to catch up!  


MaryAnne: I loved this question. But how elusive is the answer! It takes some serious digging at one’s soul to find out what it is we are afraid of, or what we would do if we weren't afraid. Because at this point, in my life at least, I have created blinders and coping mechanisms to keep me safe. This question demands brutal honesty with one’s self. In order to answer it, it’s almost like you have to work backwards and ask yourself, “What energizes you, and why aren't you doing more of that?”  

One of the things I am getting better at is forcing myself to take risks, embracing the discomfort that accompanies them. This is not to imply that I am forging ahead with zero inhibitions, tackling my dreams with unbridled optimism. I am just getting better at being uncomfortable. The irony is that in avoiding discomfort, our lives engender a kind of lackluster. There is a thrill and joy associated with stretching our limits. I have vivid memories as a young girl, having acute fears, and conquering them. It's so rewarding to realize how short we sold ourselves in the past, and to welcome risk with a new disposition of empowerment. Letting go, allowing our personalities and talents to ramify, and welcoming that evolution is one of the most energizing experiences. I try to do something every day that goes against my own grain. Because how many experiences have you missed out on because you told yourself, ‘It’s not really my thing’, or ‘I’m too much of an X to benefit from that’.

My dreams are still vague, but I am committing to letting them surface so i'll know how to make them happen. I love wellness, personal development, psychology, metacognitive studies, holistic and alternative medicine. I would love to start my own practice one day. I see myself fully thriving when I am working for something bigger than myself, helping other people improve their lives, becoming better versions of themselves, engendering a level of honesty and vulnerability that they never encountered. I want to work with people who are creative. In relationships, I want to surround myself with people who make me see the world in a fresh way, who expose me to realms of human experience and connection that i've only dreamed of. If I wasn't afraid, I would tell people exactly how I feel instead of avoiding the opportunity to be really seen. I suppose I use excuses like money and time as resources that keep me from doing what I actually want. If I trust, and relinquish the fear, the mission I was created for will generate any resources I need to make the mission possible.  

In stating all this, I am realizing one of my biggest fears is of dreaming too big. Being someone who tries vigilantly to keep myself accountable to the "tackle your fears" mantra that I preach, if I can conjure up and actually acknowledge my own dreams, I find myself responsible to take steps and risks toward their fruition. So in not dreaming, I don't have to worry about becoming inauthentic. How cowardice is that? Even stating that now invites a kind of accountability, and I am excited to let go of the fear to commit to my aspirations. The process is in full swing this year, wait, today. Because procrastination is fear’s best friend.

Thanks for sharing MG and you are right, today is the day to let go of fear and commit to our aspirations! 

Thursday I will be sharing a post and link up that made me face a small fear :)

With a grateful heart,
XOXO always,

- Live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -


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