SATIS: We Must Choose Grace

I asked the sweet Katie from Hope Engaged to share some of her thoughts on Satis, being enough in an ever changing and demanding world, and boy did she share some insight. I have read her words a few times, letting them slowly sink in. This sweet girl  has a way with words that touch readers hearts, as she shares her stories and adventures from serving in Nepal to everyday wisdom for women

 If you are a behind in the SATIS series, feel free to catch up by clicking HERE and HERE.  


When Sheila shared about how we are enough, it immediately reminded me of a quote I heard that inspired me immensely. 
I have been meditating on it all week, reading it and rereading it because it lifted my soul. 
When my sweet lovely sister Lena came to visit me for a week, 
we giggled and laughed our way through a fun photo shoot in the park 
and I thought i'd pair them both together for you today!
The following words are taken from an article called "You are Enough"
from a blog called Darling Magazine. 
We must choose grace. 
We must choose to take it easy on one another,
 and to be kind to other women.
We must choose to believe that we have something to offer this world 
that no one else can.
You have something inside of you 
that is so unique and so good.
Next time you are tempted to compare yourself to someone else, 
look deep inside of yourself. 
Explore and find out what it is that makes you different, 
what it is that makes you feel special and beautiful and whole.
Draw upon it whenever you are feeling like you aren’t enough.
Let it shine and glow though you.
Take hold of whatever it is you find and don’t ever let it go.
If you are a painter, paint. 
If you are a writer, write. 
If you are a lover, love.
Don’t worry about whether or not someone else can do it better than you. 
No one else can be you, and you were created in the image of a perfect creator.
Don’t allow comparison to rob you of 
your uniqueness, 
your imagination, 
your light and 
your joy.

isn't that so so good? 
when I read it I seriously let out a sigh of relief, 
thankful that even if someone can do something better than me, 
only I can do it the way God created me to do it! 

that we are shaped and molded after the Creator to do what only we can do? 
to love and serve and GO where only HE has called us? 

I think in the end, this quote embodies being brave. 
To step into the treasures Abba has given us, 
instead of comparing and wanting what others have. 

we are unique and fully loved. 
and that is grace
flowing down from our loving Father. 

happy day dearest friends! 
love katie 


Thank you so much for stopping by Katie, I loved the quote from Darling Magazine!  And how true is the line,  "Don't worry if someone can do it better." In a world where social media and TV glorify only the highlighted reel, it's a beautiful reminder to not compare, because we are unique. Amen :)

Another story coming your way next week!


With a grateful heart
XOXO always,


- Live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -


Love love love Katie's heart! Thanks for sharing this in your SATIS series!

Denise Lopatka :

what a breath of fresh air that katie is. love this quote and i couldn't agree more. i, too, let out a sigh of relief after reading that. so so true. and so much freedom in this truth.

thank u katie for the wonderful post! thank u sheila for the amazing inspiration.

we should all get together for coffee i think, capish? :) xox

Liesl :

Beautiful, just the lighting! I hope you are well, Sheila, I've been a busy bee and a little MIA, but it is lovely getting to catch back up on your blog! Big hugs! :)

Katie Cook :

Ahhh thanks for having me Sheila! You are a blessing! ANd I agree with Denise!!! haha

Charity Hall {isle of view} :

that quote is amazing! Darling Magazine is so beautiful and 'restful' to the soul. These photos fit that quote perfectly as well!! Loving the motive behind Satis.

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