I went on a retreat a while back and listened to a speaker share his story, I don't remember what his talk was about, but he ended with this:

"And before I leave I want to tell all the young woman in this group, you are enough. I want to say this on behalf of everyone who told you otherwise. You are all more than enough, just as you are. You are perfect. Remember that, and I am sorry if you ever believed anything different, because you are enough."

I remember sitting there frozen. I am enough? What is he talking about? 

I heard TV commercials suggesting if I just purchase this or that, I could be enough. I heard teachers tell me if I just worked toward a certain GPA or internship, I could possibly be enough. Employers suggesting if I work harder or have more education, I could be enough. I read in magazines that if I would just buy this pretty dress or make-up, I might be enough. Acquaintances suggesting that if I attend this or that event, I will be enough. And social media suggesting if I have this or that lifestyle, I made it - I am enough!

As the speaker walked off the stage, I sat cross legged, still frozen. I let what he said sink in.  I remember the intensity of his eyes as he looked out into the audience with such sincerity, it was like he was revealing a hidden secret. I am enough. Had this ol' world fooled me? Who told me I was not good enough, smart enough, fast enough, wise enough, beautiful enough, skinny enough, strong enough, just simply enough?  Who told you that?

Satis is latin for "enough"(Thanks Google). I wanted to remember the speaker's beautiful message, so I asked a sweet designer to inscribed "satis" into a simple gold ring, which I wear daily. I glance at it when that little old feeling begins to creep inside. The message the world screams at so many women and leaves them feeling inadequate.  We must remember, what constitutes "enough" in this world will never satisfy our hearts, because those who already love us, know we are enough. What the magazines, commercials, movies, corporate institutions or even friends and family suggest are only suggestions. You are enough in His sight. Don't doubt this. 

Satis is a little reminder, a movement if you will, to all women reminding them that they are enough just as they were created. Good enough, smart enough, fast enough, wise enough, beautiful enough, amazing enough.  You are enough, you are SATIS!  

I encourage you today to take a moment and celebrate your unique beauty.

More on Satis in the upcoming weeks, along with a few guest posts!

With a grateful heart
XOXO always,


- Live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -

Original Photo: PhiloTimo
SATIS © Sheila Sheridan and The FailteHouse


Meghan Kraft :

Satis: I've never heard it before, but I love it now. What a beautiful post.

Katie H. :

Beautiful...and something each woman needs to hear, though it is hard to live as though you are enough...

Thanks for sharing =)

Van Nguyen :

Beautiful post. I'm glad you mentioned Jesus. We are enough but without knowing him in our lives, we wouldn't have salvation.

Kristina :

"Satis" is my new favorite word. I think we have all struggled with the feeling of not being enough and this is a beautiful reminder to believe that we are enough just the way God created us. Thank you Sheila, for always being such an inspiration! xo

Rachel :

So absolutely true! I had never heard of satis but I am going to remember it now! Thanks for sharing!

Kallah Oakes :

I love this - I am drinking in that word, satis... satisfaction. Wow.

I see from your sidebar you are a Lara Casey fan? Yes!! I am dying to make it happen to get to a Making Things Happen conference (oh the irony). Someday! Have you?

Nicole Shea :

I really, really love this!

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