I found Jame's beautiful jewelry awhile back, when I was searching for the perfect Christmas gift for my mom.  During that search, however, I also accidentally found the perfect "gift" for me :)  My little gold ring I wear as a daily reminder that with Him I am enough!  I have fallen in love with Jame's designs, her passion for what she does, and her story.  

So I asked the sweet Jame's to share a bit about her beautiful journey and her thoughts on Satis. If you want to hear about overcoming obstacles and finding joy in the moment - you might want to read this! Oh, and if you missed the first few Satis posts you can check them out HEREHERE, and HERE


There are times, such as during the peaceful calm of the morning, as the sun begins to peak up from the horizon, that you can’t help but reflect back and marvel at the twists and turns that your life has taken. It is these twists and turns that brought James Michelle Jewelry from an idea, to a reality.
James Michelle Jewelry was a little dream I had while laying in the back of my car with a picc line in my heart.  Just 3 years ago this Mother was homeless. I mean, it was not that I did not have places to stay but it was a month here, a month there.  I actually slept in the back of my old land rover one night in 30 degree weather.  Looking through my moonroof at the stars.  I wept and prayed. As I laid there bundled up in my blankets weeping.  I cried out to God...Please help me!  I wanted to give up. Throw the towel in.  I was very ill with Lyme disease, a nasty illness caused from the bite of a tick.  How did my life end up this way? What did I do to deserve this?

It all began 6 years ago, I came down with a Mystery illness, undiagnosed for months, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease.  Six months later, My Father and my Mother died two months apart. I was a Mother to my little baby boy Kaden.  My husband six months later tells me that, "he just can't do it anymore."  I had become so sick that I was having massive seizures, stabbing pain, and neurological problems.   It was then I had an intravenous picc line placed into my heart and underwent IV treatment for a year.  I was all alone.  In a matter of 6 months, I lost my Mother, my Father, and my Husband.  Oh, and my child, as I was too ill to care for him.  

The treatment was grueling, it was hour to hour, minute to minute.  I did not want to live anymore. Ambulance rides, needles, and seizures were an everyday part of my life. The illness was so hard but when people ask, "What is the worst part of Lyme disease?"  I tell them, "it was being alone."  I literally would fall to my knees crying out to God to help me or to end me.  I think I cried more tears that year than I did in my entire life.

Back to the sleeping in the back of my car looking up to the stars part of the story.  I had a thought. What if I made jewelry?  I could possibly do it from my bedside.  That week, a friend bought me a little cheap hand stamping set and few materials.  Every day, even if it was for a minute, I would get up and make something.  I started posting stuff on Facebook and opened a small etsy store.  

Today, James Michelle Jewelry is a fast growing successful business that I believe saved my life.  One necklace, one dream, one prayer.... saved my life.   As I look back to 3 years ago, I cannot believe what I have accomplished.  I have a home, I have my child, I have a wonderful boyfriend. I feel happy, safe, and stable.  I still deal with Lyme but it does not define me anymore. 

So yes, the twists and turns take us on amazing journeys. Some paths are harder than others, but they have all come together to provide me with an appreciation for life, for people, and for art. I love hard, laugh hard, and say a small thanks to God every night for guiding me through those dark hours and leading me to the path of James Michelle Jewelry

I want my story to inspire others. I want woman to know that anything is possible if you passionately pursue your dreams and believe in yourself.  It does not matter what your past may be, but the future is yours to define.  Just remember, you are and always will be enough, Satis.


If you want to check out some of Jame's custom designs and follow her journey, head on over to her InstagramWebsite, and Shop.  I do enjoy her Gold Stacked Rings and her Gold Hammer Ring design.  

Oh and I might wait on purchasing anything until Friday, just sayin ;) 

I do hope you enjoyed her story as much as I did. Isn't it amazing? Every time I read it, it reminds me that God is truly faithful!

Thank you for sharing James!  

With a grateful heart
XOXO always,

*First two images from Jamie Michelle Designs.  Last image from Sheila Sheridan Photography

- Live simply - intentionally - gratefully - joyfully -

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Caravan Sonnet :

I just discovered your blog and am your newest follower via GFC! THANK YOU so much for sharing this story as I am currently fighting Advanced Late Stage Lymes Disease and Cancer and this was SO incredibly inspirational! THANK YOU so much for sharing! This is exactly what I needed to read as I fight this horrible disease!

Brittany Lauren :

I just found out about her and I'm so happy to read your post! I love James Michelle's heart! I lived with lyme for 10 years misdiagnosed and during that time, I started my stationery company as an outlet turned full-time job. Never give up!

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