NELLIE MAG: The Secret to Succeeding in Your Twenties

We are taught and told that our twenties are a time in our life where all the puzzle pieces should fit into place. We go to college, we graduate college, we get that amazing first time job, meet and marry Mr./Mrs. right, and then have just about 2.5 kids and a house before the big 3-0 rolls around. Oh, and did I forget to mention we did all the above while looking fabulously stylish, fit as a whistle, driving the newest model car available and making a down payment on our dream home? Good, didn’t want to leave that out.

The storybook ending to our twenties, however, does not always end the same way for everyone. And living in a society that encourages us to publicly publish the highlighted reel of our life, makes it easy to start comparing. We have Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, blogs, magazines, TV, movies, etc., as loud, constantly ringing doorbells reminding us, Hey, is anyone home? Your life is not as good as X, so you obviously are doing your twenties all wrong. Fail.
Somewhere between twenty and twenty-nine, we were supposed to have gotten it all together. Obviously. Dreams were supposed to come true, and things were supposed to happen. And while we were waiting on those “things” to happen, we learned how to compare and we accidentally learned how to let the beauty of life slip by as we dreamed on the future or reminisced about the past.
When did this cycle begin? 
If you want to read more about The Secret to Succeed in Your Twenties, head on over to Nellie Magazine by clicking here
Hip Hip Hooray - Three cheers for my first article being published!!! I could not have asked for it to appear in a better magazine.  And three cheers for Natalie for starting up an online magazine with a mission to encourage all woman to shine brightly
With a grateful heart
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Caitlin F. :

Congratulations on having your article published :) It's a great one that can really help many 20-something bloggers.

Kristina :

Dear Sheila, I already knew that you are awesome but this article blew my mind! It's so beautifully written, so true, so honest. I'm ready to buy a ticket to Florida to hug your neck :D But instea I'll just keep cheering you on from afar ;-) You rock! xo

Meghan Kraft :

This was absolutely wonderful. Comforting and real - thank you for such a great post. And I'm thankful getting it all together isn't a thing - I'd fail in a second ;)

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