NELLIE MAG: Turning Chapters Instead of Counting Years

Life is an adventure, and like any great story, in order for it to make sense it must be broken up into chapters. Chapters which work together to build the plot and flush out the characters, while carrying them through adversity, revealing their dreams and desires, and propelling them forward from one adventure to the next.

If we begin to look at our lives as part of a running narrative divided into unique chapters, instead of counting our years, our viewpoint on life just might change.....

To read the rest of a follow-up article similar to, The Secret to Succeeding in Your Twenties, head on over to Nellie Mag, by clicking HERE.  

Hip hip hooray, on a 2nd publication in such an inspiring magazine! 

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Kristina :

Sheila, you're words are a gift! This was exactly what I needed to hear/read today as I was questioning once again if I am on the right track right now. Watching my beautiful friends as they finish college, fall in love, and find their dream job all in the time span of two years while I'm still working on my college degree often makes me wonder if something like "the right way to do life" even exists. "Comparison is the thief of joy" and yet I keep comparing my life to the life of others evey now and then. Your last sentence made me so happy because it made me feel good about where I am in life right now and it makes me believe that everything will turn out the way its supposed to.

Meghan Kraft :

That first picture is so pretty - I love it :) And I just love all of your analogies - the secret to succeeding is great!

Jenna Condon :

ahhhh those glasses.

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