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I remember sitting in my college class listening to my professor tell stories about his adventures in South Africa and how he loved the country.  Ever since that class, I have dreamed of traveling 18 hours across the world to see this country for myself.  Ya know, go on a safari and see a few lions, wear a hunter green shirt with binoculars around my neck, and act like I know how to spot the big 5 in the bush. (Or maybe that is just an Australian term).  Either way, I am excited!

I am off next week with 4 amazing girlfriends to explore South Africa!  A little wine tasting, mixed with mandatory shark diving, a real safari experience (the walls are random pieces of wood nailed together with no electricity), combined with a few hikes and random adventures - might prove to be the most epic vacation yet!

Oh, and I forgot to mention I will be meeting-up with my sweet blog friend Megan from over at The Sun House!  She has been so helpful as we prepared for our trip, and will be showing us a bit of her amazing city :)

I will be posting a few photos on Instagram to assure my family I am alive, so feel free to follow along.  I just hope my trusty old iphone 4 holds up :)

xo always,

Images: By the talented Rose & Fitzgerald

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Rachel :

This sounds incredible !! Have a wonderful time!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg :

YAY! So excited for you girls. Just so jealous that you will be so close but so far x

Sheila@TheFailteHouse :

Thank you Rachel, it was a wonderful time :) xo

Jenna :

Hey pretty lady! Hope you made it home safely - can't wait to see the photo recaps… from your instagrams it looks like the rest of your trip was incredible :)

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