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Word on the street has it that summer in South Africa is amazing, so I am secretly planning my eventual summer return ;)  Packing for consistent summer weather is a bit easier, so we will keep this little list pretty basic and full of neutrals and light layers.  

Packing for South Africa's Summer (our winter): 

You won't need much in the summer, so I would recommend packing only a light rain jacket, such as my favorite from North Face.

When packing your tops, I would recommend keeping the wardrobe light and breathable. Stick with the same simple color palette to ensure you can mix and match. Such as, 2 v-neck t-shirts (white and grey), one stripped t-shirt to mix things up, two light tank tops, a fun fancier shirt for going out, and another little zip up, like this one from Lulu Lemon, for when things get a bit chillier at night.

One pair of skinny jeans for the chillier nights or a summer safari, boyfriend jean shorts (Ex: here), colored or textured shorts (Ex: here), one pair of yoga pants for those hiking days, and either a fun skirt or maxi dress. If you mix and max correctly, you won't need to pack too much.

If I could wear my flip-flops everyday, I would.  So I would definitely bring those along, in addition to gladiator sandals to match just about everything, and a pair of converses/runners for adventure days.

Same as the winter months, but I would bring a few more fun accessories to switch up the outfits and simple tops.

Extra Due-dads:
Refer to the winter packing post, as most of the items would be the same; aside from packing 2 swimsuits, a beach cover-up, maybe a rash guard, and a fun hat for the sunny days.

As I work to pair down my actual closet and simplify my life, I realize the same goes for traveling - you need less then you think.  It is much easier to pack a few basic pieces with different textures, then to pack all your favorite items that can't be mixed and matched.

Feel free to shoot me an email with any other packing questions, as I know I had tons of questions on how to pack for a safari, wine tour, and shark diving adventure all in the same small suitcase. 

XO always,

Image:  Cristalin Marie

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